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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilting Arts-Oct. 2012-LisaThorpe

Have you seen the newest Quilting Arts Magazine?  Right on the front pages is the story about how Lisa Thorpe uses her IPad as a Sketchbook..  I was feeling sorry for my self because I don't have an I Pad,  I would love to take her class.  Oh, well,  I was going to Bishops Ranch for a quilting retreat with 9 friends.. In case I had not mentioned it we have been getting together for 12 years.

I was hoping that Lisa would be in her studio and I would have the opportunity to chat with her and see her work space in person.

Lisa was a good sport and even let me spontaneously take a photo of her. We talked about making small projects, Art Trails, and gardening. One of my issues is that if I go on the computer in the morning and not directly into the studio, it messes with my creativity. At first I thought this was my issue, however, I am finding when I ask most artists it is one of their stumbling blocks also.. So easy to say to "self", I will just sit at the computer for a moment. 1. that does not seem to happen, hours later, 2. I am still justifying writing, answering and chatting.

I either don't get to the studio, or my creativity has flown out with the keyboard. Must be the brain.. and I need to be a little more pro active about getting myself into the studio first. Amazing what I can get done, if I get in there in the AM.

Yes, there is creativity in writing also, and I do my best at that in the AM.

I have some wonderful photographs of Bishops Ranch that I will share later.  This delightful figure is in the midst of Lisa's tomato plants.

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  1. I agree. I get so much more done if I can just walk away from the computer. Sometimes I force myself to take computer breaks for several days or a week at a time. I go somewhere that there is no wifi service, or if my computer happens to malfunction or croak, I don't get it fixed right way. It is amazing the amount of quilting that I get accomplished during those periods of time.


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