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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not a mess darling, just fabric dyeing

We had so much fun with the last class, and because of requests, I decided to schedule another Fabric Dyeing Class,
October 27th. at my home studio. Contact me if you are interested.

 Several  days after the class, I came across some really dull pillow cases. You know that dingy white color. Well, they are not dingy anymore. If you plan to do this check to be sure that it is 100% cotton. I think these have a little  of poly in them, thus the muted color, only the cotton threads took. Also notice the "raisin" container from Costco.. They make great dyeing containers, after you eat the raisins of course, and dedicate the container to fabric dyeing!

Now I have some varied colored Pillow cases. I really hated to get rid of the one with the eyelet on the edge. Now, it has an extended life.  The bright sun of the afternoon took a little of the color out.  

Will take these to Quilt Camp and have bright colored dreams!
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  1. You are so funny, Vivian. I was sort of thinking the same thing when I brought my wet dyed fabric home from your last class. I got a lot of the dye on the brick paving of my patio. I don't think it will stay for long, though.


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