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Monday, October 22, 2012

Grocery - Healdsburg

I found a Safeway Store to purchase some water and sodas. Bishop's Ranch is not one of those places that I think I could purchase some Sprite at, and I need my 1 a day.

I don't remember ever seeing Lemon Grass in our local store.

I like to wander into the fruit and veggie area of stores, colors and shapes are amazing.  Some of these "veggies" I would not know how to cook with or what to do for spices etc. Now, this is one ugly veggie.
I suppose in the right hands it might be delicious.

Chayote Squash.  Our granddaughter is a Vegatarian... and I am sure she would know what to do with this..
This is all too healthy for me,, off to find the chips.
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  1. Haha!!! Chayote is just chopped up and used like any other squash. It's a little firmer that zucchini or yellow crookneck, but it essentially tastes the same. Just has to be cooked a little longer. I wasn't surprised by the food items, but the prices are pretty darn steep. I guess that is why I try to grow most of my produce. The prices have seemed to really go up as of late.


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