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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Delicious Fig..Madera Arts Council

 Are you organized?  What does organized mean to you? We all have our own system.

My way of organizing for my blog is to have the photos first, I work from the visual.

I take photos of what I would like to talk about or just take the photo and then see if something might be interesting to my viewers.

I load into Picasa, which is a reminder of what I want to blog, then to my blog, write, wait a day to recheck spelling, and to see if it makes any sense.

Then file the photo in My Pictures under the proper heading.

With all that said,, I just had a panic moment... I filed this under the Madera Show 2012, and not in My Quilts, and had not written about the wall-hanging for the art exhibit on my blog.

Do you have a better system you would like to share, would love to hear it.

I just really had to get that panic feeling done and over with!

Aren't the deep blues wonderful with Sun Printing.. Pretty soon the Fig Tree will be dropping it's leaves and Fall will be here.. It is suppose to cool off this week-end.

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