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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilting Arts-Oct. 2012-LisaThorpe

Have you seen the newest Quilting Arts Magazine?  Right on the front pages is the story about how Lisa Thorpe uses her IPad as a Sketchbook..  I was feeling sorry for my self because I don't have an I Pad,  I would love to take her class.  Oh, well,  I was going to Bishops Ranch for a quilting retreat with 9 friends.. In case I had not mentioned it we have been getting together for 12 years.

I was hoping that Lisa would be in her studio and I would have the opportunity to chat with her and see her work space in person.

Lisa was a good sport and even let me spontaneously take a photo of her. We talked about making small projects, Art Trails, and gardening. One of my issues is that if I go on the computer in the morning and not directly into the studio, it messes with my creativity. At first I thought this was my issue, however, I am finding when I ask most artists it is one of their stumbling blocks also.. So easy to say to "self", I will just sit at the computer for a moment. 1. that does not seem to happen, hours later, 2. I am still justifying writing, answering and chatting.

I either don't get to the studio, or my creativity has flown out with the keyboard. Must be the brain.. and I need to be a little more pro active about getting myself into the studio first. Amazing what I can get done, if I get in there in the AM.

Yes, there is creativity in writing also, and I do my best at that in the AM.

I have some wonderful photographs of Bishops Ranch that I will share later.  This delightful figure is in the midst of Lisa's tomato plants.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sheila Bruner, long arm quilter

One of my friends who lives in the mountains of Mariposa is Sheila Bruner.  What a shame that you can't see the beautiful quilting  in this photo at PIQF.  She has won many awards with this amazing quilt.

Her email is sewandsews@sti.net if you need some long arm quilting, she just finished her 1000th. quilt.  Congratulations, Sheila.
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"Nature through the Eyes of a Camera"

Another surprise, and Karen did not even know her quilt was in PIQF. So glad I took a photo of it.
I often take a photo of my shadow but have never thought to use it as Karen has in this wonderful composition. 

Karen and I have known each other since 3rd grade.  We reconnected after missing each other through some of the marriage, children episodes.. The important part is that Karen got me started in quilting.. I was an oil, watercolor, photographer, "artist". but had never worked with Fabric.

I wanted to make a T-shirt quilt for my Love, this was in the 1980's. Karen lived near me and came over with her quilts.. I never made the T. shirt quilt, the pieces are still in a UFO box.  I attended 3 different Guilds in Orange Co. and as they say the rest is history.  
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quilts- PIQF- "Brown River"

I am sure all of you know how overwhelming a quilt show can be.. Some ladies go to Quilts first then mix it up with venders.. But do you really want to carry bags all over with you to view quilts?... Or should we eat first and see some venders and then the quilts.
How do you approach a large quilt exhibition?

This time I sort of mixed it up.  And what did I see, a quilt that looked familiar.  I know that quilt. I saw it in the working stage at a quilt retreat with Denise Schmidt. Oh, exciting, I know someone in the show.  I emailed Denise and asked if she minded if I posted the quilt on my blog and if she would tell me a little of how they created this wonderful piece.
Here is what she sent me..

"Our Folsom art quilt group (Quartz) challenge was to take a  photo or art work, cut it into slices, and have each artist do one of the slices.  We had two groups -- our group of three chose to interpret Wayne Thiebaud's  painting, called Brown River ( with permission from the artist).  We took the photo from a small poster and had Kinko's blow it up to the size we wanted, and used those as our templates for placement of the lines in the slices.  Each slice was about 11x 48.   We did not collaborate while in the process, we didn't see the others' finished quilts until they were all done, and they matched up pretty well!  Techniques used included fusing, chenille, paint, pencils, embroidery, and couching. "

I personally, love the use of the chenille for the ground in the one section.


 I have always enjoyed Wayne Thiebaud's art. What a wonderful way to interpret with fabric.  Thank you for sharing your story.  
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Grocery - Healdsburg

I found a Safeway Store to purchase some water and sodas. Bishop's Ranch is not one of those places that I think I could purchase some Sprite at, and I need my 1 a day.

I don't remember ever seeing Lemon Grass in our local store.

I like to wander into the fruit and veggie area of stores, colors and shapes are amazing.  Some of these "veggies" I would not know how to cook with or what to do for spices etc. Now, this is one ugly veggie.
I suppose in the right hands it might be delicious.

Chayote Squash.  Our granddaughter is a Vegatarian... and I am sure she would know what to do with this..
This is all too healthy for me,, off to find the chips.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Healdsburg, Ca.

Healdsburg is a darling little town with a center square of trees and a park.
I am not good at sitting still, and I had some time before I was suppose to go to Bishop's Ranch.
I wandered the square and enjoyed the beauty.. My hubby and I had been here many years ago, and what I remembered, was not a center square to full of trees, my they have grown. And the smell of bread baking.. No, smell of bread. I found out the bakery had moved, but you still could buy the bread in one of the stores.

Most of the people I saw were in the wine tasting stores, eating ice cream, chatting and strolling.
There is a book store with some very interesting books, and I was impressed by this chandelier that is all spoons. Many Galleries and small shops.

Fabrications is the name of the Fabric Store/Quilt Store that is also in the square. I had a delightful time chatting with the lady, never did ask if she is the owner, silly me.

And, of course, I had to buy some Hand Dyed Fabric by Louise Smith.. I tried to find out if she is on the web, but could not track anything down.  

The piece I bought is a bit darker but similar design, in rust and dark colors. I think I will just look at it for a bit.. It has a lovely shine to it. 
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PIQF California

I have not been to PIQF in a couple of years, but since it was on my way to Bishop's Ranch, more about that later,
I decided to go a day early.

I arrived about 11:30 on Sat. and  food was the first item of business before everyone gathered there.
Then cruised around the perimeter. 
And who do I run into but,

Mac McNamara and Pajaro Valley Quilt Asso's.  newest Opportunity Quilt.  It is colorful and wonderful.. Oh, and yes, I bought tickets. Title is "Speechless". PVQA members made blocks that were cut and improvisationally pieced by  Mac and Lisa Saporta 's Creative Team.

In looking at it, I think I have some UFO blocks in my stash that I should take out and set with humor.  Great way to make room in my studio..
But I want to win this one!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Newspaper: Fresno B, Sierra Art Trails

Wow, was I surprised when my photo taken by Anita Stoll at the Reception for Sierra Art Trails, was really in the Fresno B Newspaper..

I have been away at a quilt retreat in Healdsburg, Yes, will write all about it with photos, but still trying to unpack and get settled.

Was not able to use my computer there, and have not figured out how to send to my blog with my I phone.
Lots on my New Years resolution list...
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

End of a Busy Week-end

The perfect sunset for the end busy week-end.

It is so enjoyable to visit with friends and art lovers. The mountains were busy with cars going all over visiting artists at various locations. I used the "Square" charge card for the first time. 

I will be putting things away and deciding what goes to Timberline Gallery and tomorrow will visit the gallery and find out how everyone else did. I sold a little gourd at the gallery. That was a lovely surprise. At my location many scarves, earrings, cards, and fabric postcards have new homes.

I was delighted to hear from some of my visitors that they saw my photo and an article in the Fresno B, a local newspaper. I had not seen the paper so that was a surprise and a pleasure. My friend Anita Stoll, a pastel artist had one of her beautiful paintings in the Sunday paper..

Now to reorganize. This time of the year with this big showing behind, it is the time to mentally decide my priorities for next year, 0h, my 2014.  It sort of feels like New Years Resolutions, but it is not New Years yet...Let's not rush it!
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick Tour Sierra Art Trails

Here is the Museum sign before I started decorating it.
Will post how I put the Welcome signs up later.

Getting ready and moving my "art".

Set up in the school house, finished, Ready for Company

Just a few quick over views

Ready for another busy day... Hope you can drop by. 
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Delicious Fig..Madera Arts Council

 Are you organized?  What does organized mean to you? We all have our own system.

My way of organizing for my blog is to have the photos first, I work from the visual.

I take photos of what I would like to talk about or just take the photo and then see if something might be interesting to my viewers.

I load into Picasa, which is a reminder of what I want to blog, then to my blog, write, wait a day to recheck spelling, and to see if it makes any sense.

Then file the photo in My Pictures under the proper heading.

With all that said,, I just had a panic moment... I filed this under the Madera Show 2012, and not in My Quilts, and had not written about the wall-hanging for the art exhibit on my blog.

Do you have a better system you would like to share, would love to hear it.

I just really had to get that panic feeling done and over with!

Aren't the deep blues wonderful with Sun Printing.. Pretty soon the Fig Tree will be dropping it's leaves and Fall will be here.. It is suppose to cool off this week-end.

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Madera County, "Celebrate Agriculture with the Arts"

This is my first year entering a fiber wall hanging in Madera County Arts Councils. "Celebrate Agriculture" Opening reception tonight.. Wish I could make it, but will be setting up my display for Sierra Art Trails.

I named the piece " Delicious Fig",  I can't remember if I have blogged about it yet..Will have to check that, always exciting to have goals and deadlines, but sometimes I don't remember if I dreamed it was on the list, or did it in real life. I am sure many of you can understand that statement.. Waking up at 5:AM with lists running through our creative brains....

 I thought I could have everything done for "Trails" and attend. But sadly, I can't get into my area to set up, till after 6PM, so will miss all the festivities.
I hope to see some photos of the exhibition. I know many of the local artists.

There is some amazing art work, I peeked when I dropped my piece off.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not a mess darling, just fabric dyeing

We had so much fun with the last class, and because of requests, I decided to schedule another Fabric Dyeing Class,
October 27th. at my home studio. Contact me if you are interested.

 Several  days after the class, I came across some really dull pillow cases. You know that dingy white color. Well, they are not dingy anymore. If you plan to do this check to be sure that it is 100% cotton. I think these have a little  of poly in them, thus the muted color, only the cotton threads took. Also notice the "raisin" container from Costco.. They make great dyeing containers, after you eat the raisins of course, and dedicate the container to fabric dyeing!

Now I have some varied colored Pillow cases. I really hated to get rid of the one with the eyelet on the edge. Now, it has an extended life.  The bright sun of the afternoon took a little of the color out.  

Will take these to Quilt Camp and have bright colored dreams!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Hand Dyed Scarves

 Just finished hand dyeing these wonderful long scarves. These will be showing at Sierra Art Trails this coming week-end.

I had so much fun working with bright colors, and then some surprise colors from nature, a quieter look.

I will be displaying  my art in a variety of mediums,  jewelry, wall hangings, gourds,  clothing and more.  Stop in to see, chat, and I will be demonstrating my little gourd necklaces.

Don't forget Christmas is right around the corner, and buying from local artists makes your gift a one of a kind. 

Have you always wanted to visit the Coarsegold Historical Museum on Highway 41,  please be sure to stop in.  I will be in the little green School House..  Come visit.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Gourd Necklace in the Sierra Star

I will be showing my little gourd necklaces at Sierra Art Trails." Heart and Hands" , as the article says is in the new book out "Showcase 500 Beaded jewelry" I will also have a copy of the book available for you to look at. I am #31 in the Trails Catalog.

I have been busy making little gourd necklaces in a variety of colors, each little piece speaks of the Spirit of Nature, and it's connection with the Universe. 
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