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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Visions San Diego, Art Gallery Row

Visions Museum in San Diego, is in a wonderful inspirational setting. Of course, after our "golden" mountain area, the greenery, and lawns looked inviting enough to roll on. But figured I might get carted away as some nut. No comment from those that know me!

Look at this great idea to soften the bars on the windows of this building.  All the buildings are a peachy color, with arches every where. We were told the hope is that more artists move into this area and they are now having open studio tours on specific days. I was a bit disappointed with the  Gallery size in Visions, I would have liked to see a bigger gallery room.  The semi annual " Quilt Visions 2012"  Exhibition will be here instead of Oceanside Museum, opening, Oct. 20- Feb. 17th. Non- profits are just fortunate to function these days and have a space to show art.  The exhibitions that we saw were wonderful. I won't go into detail, because there was a "no-photography sign",,, enough to say, Go Visit.

I am sorry I did not get the story behind these benches..

I just fell in love with them, and there are more!

Oh, I lost the card that told about this Gallery and the artist that created this "piece".
No, my husband is not part of the display.  Usually I keep him in tow, but as I was talking to the lady that runs this gallery, I looked up and my husband was trying out the bicycle.  Thankfuly,
that is what it is there for and part of the art display.

 The San Diego Watercolor Society, is in the same building. Their display was variety of media, not the usual watercolors of oceans, and they had a display of Mixed Media pieces..

If you are in that area, be sure to take the time to meander and enjoy. Then go to lunch in Old Town, really close and easy to get to.
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