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Saturday, September 29, 2012

San Diego Bazaar Del Mundo

My blogs are not going to be in order of when they happened.
It has been a busy couple of weeks, and will just get a bit busier with "Trails" coming up fast.

While we were in So. Cal we continued to play tourist and went to visit Bazaar Del Mundo.  I just love these colors, and wonder if I could really live with them on the walls of our house. Getting tired of white.

Everything makes you smile, the bright colors, the funky flowers, the turquoise jewelry and the sparkling silver.

We ate at Casa Guadalajara in Old Town. Over ate is more the right statement.
A tiny little bird hopped around picking up little pieces of chips. He never stayed still enough for my camera.. But I tried.

Several plants I miss in the mountains are the Bougainvillaea, and the size of the Hibiscus.

We stayed in Oceanside, this was the location of the wedding. Especially enjoyed the look of jungle  gardens, and  the ocean is just steps away.
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