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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Singer Featherweight

My Lovely Little Singer Featherweight was the oldest in the class recently given by
Linda Cover.  I realized that I had taken the class when we first moved up here about 12 years ago.
And honestly had not used my machine much since.

But I felt the old thing, born 1937, probably needed some attention. Like all of us, a little oil, love and lots of TLC.
Linda is great at what she does, explaining each step and helping each lady in putting it back together.
She also carries supplies that might be needed.

Linda lives in Modesto and her email is Lkcover@aol.com.

Our guild has a second list going for those that did not get in on the first round. I think we are going to see more of our little black beauty's at the next retreat.
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  1. How fun and convenient to have a small, handy machine to carry with you. Beats those that are being manufactured nowadays. They just seem to get bigger and bigger!

  2. Ah Vivian how wonderful to see the little Singer. I learned to sew on the same machine. Our 4-H club had several of them. Takes me back 50+ years. So sweet.

  3. Hi Lois, since I can't figure out how to e-write you directly.. Thank you for popping into and commenting on my blog.. Yes, love this little machine, and it was my mothers, and she made most of my high school dresses on it..


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