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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sam's Italian Deli and Market

We have to applaud families that build their own business through hard work, and long hours.

 Periodically, when we to go to the VA Hospital , and in that same area, we take time to visit and buy from this wonderful deli and market on a the corner of Clinton and First St. in Fresno.

They have amazing take home foods, meat counter, wines and mostly anything Italian.

There is something special about walking into this type of market with the smells of good food cooking and smiles from everyone and for everyone that enters. Can't list all that they offer, from the Deli Trays, to sandwiches.  I could have said soup to nuts, and that might be there also.

But we usually get items that we can not get in the larger grocery stores, especially good salami.

So next time you are out that way or planning a party, be sure to stop by Sam's.
This is a true Mom and Pop Story... support hard working American's.
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  1. Oh that is so good to know! I have seen it there and wondered about it! (ps.I saw you last night at dinner in town)

  2. There is a Jewish deli in Sepulveda, CA that sounds much the same as your favorite. It is so nice to see something so good and tasty thrive!


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