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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater

Yesterday, we had great fun attending our first Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater  with two of our dear friends Peggy and Fred.

Calamity Jane was played and sung by Louise Mandrell.  This was a delightful show. Louise is amazing, and yes, she gave me permission to post the card, which she signed on the back for us. The dancing and singing are excellent. Yes, Fresno has fantastic talent and draws major talent!

We also enjoyed the PreShow, this Junior Company inspired us with their talent. I am sure we will see these talented young people going on to do fantastic theater, they are only 10-16 in age.

Food was an excellent buffet plus lots of fruits and salads, just what I love.

 But talk about procrastinating. We used to attend the Laguna Beach Theater when we lived in that area, and had season tickets.. When we moved up here 12 years ago, Roger Rocka's theater was on our list of things to do.  What took us so long? When looking back, I have to say I don't know.. But thankfully our dear friends said "come now, there is an opening at our table".
And we jumped at the chance to have someone show us the ropes, or in other words gently remind  us of what we have been missing.

Is there something you have been procrastinating about doing?  Why?
This was so much fun!! And we have tickets to go in October again.
Don't procrastinate in life, sign on for your theater!

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  1. Wow! What fun!!!! You were so fortunate to get to go.


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