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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quail-tangles- Postmarkd'art

I just finished several pieces for the Zentangles theme for our Postmark'd Art Group.

However, I kept one back to sell.   The process I used was first to draw on a piece of watercolor paper, with ink, starting with the little Quail.

Then just  added lines and designs, as I felt the need. To make it into a fabric postcard, I printed it on Jacquard's Extra Organza, and ironed it on my hand dyed fabric. Stitched some of the main lines and finished with a zigzagged edge of heavy black thread.

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  1. This is very cool...what's next? Maybe a turtle?

  2. Your quail is very good. It almost looks as if it were tooled on leather. I can seen why you kept it back.

  3. A turtle is a good idea, will put that on my list of to do's, thanks, Julie

  4. Yes, it does look a little like leather in the photo.. Drawing these are addicting. Work on the letter "O" for an exchange card. One of the designs, that you say to yourself, "maybe just a bit more"


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