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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest - Zentangles- Ikea-

One of the themes I signed up for at Postmarkd'art is Zentangles. And here are some examples
at IKEA.. Oh, yes, I bought some pillows. Covers even zip off for washing.  Good reminder and also inspiration for making postcards!  First things first, finish the project I am working on now!

However, Have you been in Pinterest? 

Yes, it is fun, yes, it is time consuming, but I found some great recipes for zucchini. Am I just trying to justify my time looking at photos?

I am just starting out and have not totally figured out the process. I have this fear, when I hit a key/button, and not knowing where it will take me, if I can change it once it  has happened, what did it do and what happened?

Is this a little like stepping off of a cliff blind or maybe it is just a stepping stone. Is something else showing up in my personality?  I am not daring or care free? Where is my curiosity, do I just want to be safe. Oh, this is too deep...

I love the amazing photos on Pinterest.
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  1. I found a picture of one of my own quilts on Pinterest, but have really been avoiding spending any time on that site. Too many other interests right now.


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