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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Journaling, magazines

This collage board is above my desk. I might have shown it before, but thought I might share some inspiration with you.  This was glued at a time when  I was thinking I should cut back on somethings I do and focus more.

When the opportunity arose to "play" with collage with a round table of friends, I said sure why not.
When I look at it now, I see I did not write a big "No" or "slow" down, there is a big YES on it, a " Oh yes I can", and many others, that show an on ward trend. Maybe my subconscious was saying things to me.

One of the blogs I follow was talking about fabric Dyeing Parties, and I got to thinking what a fun party this magazine collage/ journaling was to make and maybe others would enjoy it also...One gal did hers all on travel plans to a specific location and all her photos showed her enthusiasm. I wonder if she took that trip?

All it takes is a variety of magazines. Be open to the possibilities, you never know what ideas will come to you, what your vision will be... I glued mine onto foam core, and then enjoy, with friends, and probably some food would be nice to have.. Something that goes with glue.

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  1. Collage is a great medium to use to organize thoughts and provide a springboard for other creative projects. I have lots of collage-covered boxes that I have done in the past and still hold special meaning for me. Fortunately, they are useable art. I keep buttons, beads, and safety pins in them now.


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