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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prayer Flags, Happiness, Yoyo's

Several blogs ago, I showed photos of the Yoyo's making Prayer Flags.

We had a delightful lunch at Polly's and hung her flags on the porch.
They flutter in the breeze and are a joy to see.

I have mine on our outside porch ,,  have a few more to add, before I put a photo up.
This is such a creative way to share friendships.  It is on going and brings constant happiness, and fond memories.

It is also nice to hear of it being shared with so many people that are out side of the craft and art world.

One of our members made some for a family member that is ill. She sent out instructions to many in the family with suggestions on how to decorate each piece of fabric with their own thoughts and wishes.  Now they hang in his hospital room.  A daily reminder that his family loves and cares.

Just a little time, and a small piece of fabric can mean to much.
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