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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Rivers, Meditation Retreat 2012

Three Rivers, St. Anthony's Retreat Center is in a beautiful area. You can hear the river roaring below. There are gentle breezes and the views are magnificent.

It was the perfect weather for this gathering. There are trails for gentle walking and deer bound out to surprise you.  I was impressed by this little Silk Tree that found a crack in the rock to start it's life.. That is perseverance. Should we take a lesson from this strong little beauty? The gentle shape of it's leaves, contrast with  the strong character of the rock.  Does this say something to you? Ponder it a moment.

Friendship. Long ago, many eons, I started taking photos of friend's shadows. The first time my husband and I were in Sedona, we took a photo of our shadow on the red sands, that has special memories.  

This beautiful round building is where we ate our delicious meals.  No dieting this week-end. We  had popcorn with our evening movie..and that was after a very good dessert.

Wonderful memories. That is what life is all about. Savor them and enjoy each moment.
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