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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day 2012, almost

Sunday will be Fathers Day. Our kids are down in So. Cal.,  we will be getting phone calls..
Ralph is usually refereeing a wrestling tournament, but this year he is home.

Sunday's are a morning we meet with friends that live along the river and go out to breakfast.

I have been looking through all the recipes that I have collected through the years from Sunset Magazines and others locations. All nicely saved in white binders and the plastic pages. I think I have the record for storing like that. Have a ton of cook books, as many of you have also.

I am finding that I am distracted when I look at all the binders.. Oh, yes, the photos look nice. but now it seems, if I really need something fast, I check out the net.

All 12 of the Women's Day books are on the shelf,  along with Betty Crocker, and my first Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book, the rest I will not mention, 4 shelves full.

Recipes such as French Toast,  and how to boil a Hot Dog, can be found in the Junior Cook Book.. and I just found tucked in the back my mother's recipe for the Biltmor's Tuna Cantonese.
 I think I can still taste that.. oh, memories.

That is just touching the surface.. Usually I cook with out a cook book.
I am not a fancy chef.. my cooking is basic. Ralph never asks, What is for dinner?
Thankfully, because I cook what I feel like eating or I don't cook at all.

Parting with the cook books is tough, the pictures are delightful.   My thought is to open to something that looks delicious and try out the recipe..

But then that means going to the grocery and shop with a list of items that I have no idea where the items are located.

maybe I will start with just one.

The photo is an omelet.. Have not made that in years. His early Fathers Day gift. The green is a pepper that was the first on the plant in the yard, onion, and chopped zucchini with salsa.  Glad Ralph liked it, one more meal to put the home grown zucchini into...This is just the beginning of summer!

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