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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fabric Dyeing with Procion Dyes- EQ7

Scrub a dub into the tub. Perfect day to fabric dye.  I playing with the colors. This is Rust Orange, also played with some Better Black and a Grey I found on my cupboard.  Nothing particular in mind, because I love it all.
 There is no way for me to really direct how they will turn out, other than color choice.  However, several of the pieces I am planning to over dye..I am embarrassed to say how many hand dyes I have in my stash. The ones below are from today.

I usually teach a fabric dye class at the beginning of summer. We have a marvelous time with a variety of colors.
"Work" hard in the morning filling the jars, or large containers with a variety of colors. Then share a wonderful salad lunch and have a relaxing afternoon, chatting and  telling quilt tales. If interested be sure to get on my notification list (email me)

The hard part is using the fabric, really cutting it up and using it. Don't get so attached that all we can do is unfold them, and promise to use them next time.. Time to be brave, pick a pattern and go for it.

I started taking a class with Sandra Gaines  in Clovis at D & J Sewing.. I think she is the guru of EQ7 for our area.   In the 2 hours I learned so much about EQ, but also learned lots of things about my new Kindle Fire and  my I phone..About apps that link  my I phone, and my Kindle Fire, and my PC, this is exciting.  There is a new yahoo site for the EQ7, and Yes, I signed up. It is just in the start up stage, and I think it is based in the UK.

Now, to practice and remember all that I learned . Oh, yes, and to be brave and jump in.
I have Sandra to back me up,,, I hope!

Goal, remember what I learned last night!

Looking forward to the meeting in July.
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  1. I might be interested in your class. Please fill me in on the details :-).

  2. Hi Quiltedtime, for some reason I can not get to you by clicking on your notice or your name,, could you email me at vivianhelena@sti.net.


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