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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coarsegold Car Show-2012

Now, this is clean and polished! If you look closely, you can see my reflection while I took the photo.
Ralph and I decided to support the local  Coarsegold car club today. This is their annual fund raiser.

Raffle money is going to Manna House, and  Thank you, to Coarsegold Car Care,  we won an oil change!

I love the variety of flames on the cars.. I drive a Honda Odyssey. You know the kind, there are a million on the road, and in the parking lots.. The type of car that you walk up to with out thinking and find out it is not yours... I have put a Toys for Tots sticker on the front bumper, so that I can check it out before setting off someone's alarm.

 In  the middle of all the Spit and Polish, this truck does stand out. They must really have a sense of Humor....

My son would go for this.. I have forgotten, he did have a gull wing something er other at one time.
Some how I think this is not a mountain vehicle.

Personally, I have always liked trucks and we have a Dodge Ram.

I am working on a project that has taken me to search through old albums and picked up little notes that my mother had written... I thought the love of trucks was in the last 40 years.. But I ran across a notation from when I was 5, that my mother wrote.. She was looking for a car when we lived in Hollywood... and I had suggested  buying a truck.. guess the inclination has always been there.

Not exactly the Hollywood vehicle of the 40'.
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