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Friday, June 22, 2012

" Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel " Flowers and Movies

I know these are not Magnolia's, but I love the color and sort of sets the mood.
Hollyhocks are beautiful, tall, ( over 6 ft. in my yard) and at the moment the gophers are loving them.

Why did I say Magnolia's?  Because when we were in town yesterday, we actually went to the movies. Summer is hovering around 100, and we had extra time before a Dr. Appoint..

Cost wise we should have skipped the pop corn, and drink which we shared, but that is part of going to the movies and the fun of the "date", with hubby.

Our grand daughter suggested  that we  see "Snow White" the new version, which she has seen twice, but instead we chose "Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel". Judi Dench is one of our favorite actresses.

"Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel" hits all the emotions, and is a delightful movie, although at our age does leave one thinking about the future.

Years ago when I traveled with my friend Margi, we stayed several nights in Mexico City. It was a better Mexican hotel, and we met a lady that had lived there for eons.. Eons, you ask, because 35 years ago she looked "old". She told us she had lived in Mexico for 40 years, did not know the language, and had had 4-5 husbands. She had been an ice skater in her youth... I am sure she had many stories, but our time was limited.. I have always mulled over her life, she had her American friends that also lived in that area. It was an inexpensive way to live, everything compact, transportation by cab to where ever she went, food, and people that seemed to really care how she was doing..

A lady with out a family, but yet had a family, of sorts..
What I could not understand was that she did not learn the Mexican language..

The movie we saw reminded me of  that time of my life,  I did consider retiring in Mexico. Also realized watching the movie, I am so happy to be living near water and in the mountains, the shade of the trees, the sound of the birds, and the quiet of nature.

I hope you are right where you want to be..

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  1. You're lucky to live in such a beautful place!


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