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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

U.S. Post Office

Ever wonder where your mail goes after you put it in the box?  This is one of those drop boxes in our local Post Office.. We live in the mountains near Yosemite. This Post Office is in Oakhurst about 48 miles from the Valley, and the city of Fresno, one way...  You would think they would have a special container for mail that stays in the city/ mountain area. Why send your letter to your neighbor, down to Fresno to be sorted and then have it get a ride in another truck back up to Oakhurst.. Does this sounds like a waste of employee time, gas, and the possibility of loss?

Our local Postal Box in Coarsegold, has a separate section for just Coarsegold mail... but if you think it gets sorted and stays in town, you are wrong. That letter also gets a ride to Fresno, sorted and resent back up to the mountains to be put in your mail box... for those of you that live in the mountains..
Isn't it nice that our mail has the opportunity to get miles on them.. Wonder who thought up this time saving process... Did any one say anything about the post office losing money? Gee, wonder why?

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