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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Flowers 2012- Happy Mother's Day

I found this plant many years ago at a plant garage sale. It has grown, and separated. I have shared it with friends and it is an amazing plant.

The leaves are like little razors, but the flowers are an amazing color and so very delicate. I have them in pots on my porch, and the winter cold in the 20's, has not fazed them. And we have hot summers,  many times the sun shines on them.. I might try one in the garden soil this year..
They are called Queen's Tears.  Today can have tears of Joy, or Sadness. Remember the Joy. Happy Mother's Day.

I am so very glad I took this photo of my new Dalia. Again it was the color that drew me. I lovingly planted it where I thought it would enjoy other plants. Yesterday, I was putting some little tomato plants in my garden, and noticed my Dalia laying on it's side. Perhaps a rabbit had taken a big bite on the stem..  Or it could have been a gopher, although the soil was just fine.
Worst part nothing else was eaten.. If animals have to take that bite, why don't they just eat the whole thing?
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  1. A very lovely flower indeed Vivian.
    Thanks for sharing it.




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