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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Floral- watercolor

"Spring Floral", is kind of a boring name, should have named it Blue Floral or Flowers in Brown Vase, or, or.
I am trying to clean up my studio a bit.. Have a large project to work on and don't want to be distracted.

However, I also need to organize my thoughts for Sierra Art Trails, also.. I know it is not till October,  BUT  time flies. This year will be at the Coarsegold Historic Museum. Getting older, notice did not say "too old", to set up EZ up tents.. Or maybe I just don't want to. Will tell more later about the museum..

As much as I will complain about the heat of summer, it is not here yet. And the truth is I can't find somethings in the studio, one thing led to another.

I know I have some clear plastic covers for my paintings,, but I can not find them. Next choice, order some from Clear Bags or some where.. But then what do I do with the smaller items... Fold them over?

Also decided to put some of my smaller quilt pieces, mostly contemporary in clear bags  for the rack at the gallery.. Someone might like smaller art.. So started mounting them on  foam core, (with certificates of Authenticity), so they don't fold over in the bin.

Besides some yard work my day is almost shot.

Hope your day is more productive.. Off to feed the llamas and water again.
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