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Monday, April 30, 2012

Yosemitie Western Artists/ Bear Club

Mountain Bear Fan Club had their first National Bear Club Gathering in Oakhurst. It was a busy day for me as I tried to go to everything on my list.  The weather was hot, near the 90's and  perfect for tourists and locals. Dar Bennett is one of the ladies that makes her own bears, amazing with movable arms, legs, and head. Dar also teaches, about making bears. This bears Fur looks like feathers and is sooooo soft. There were many other venders with bears and dolls of many sorts.

What I thought was funny, as I walked up to the entry, a "wife" and "husband" were have a big discussion about attending.  He said, "No way, this is a women's gathering".  But when I walked in the first thing that greeted me were about 5 men. Venders as well at attendee's. There were also antique store owners, that specialize in bears as well as the collectable dolls and bead makers.

When we moved to the mountains I brought my bear collection with me. Most had been gifts over the years. I could have given them away in Orange Co. but knew there was a bear club here and that they repair and give many away to local charities,  children, the sick and lonely.

 It always takes awhile for people to hear about shows in a new area.. I hope they have great success. 

My next stop was to see Sandy Kowallis do a watercolor demonstration at Yosemite Western Artists Gathering. I know Sandy as an artist from Timberline Gallery.  She is also represented in several other galleries and you can view her amazing paintings on line on Yosemite Western Artists as well as Timberline Gallery. Sandy lives in the Valley, but comes up often to paint the mountains, rolling hills and sits the gallery. Our schedule is on the Timberline site.  She loves to paint plein air, outside on location. So next time you see a group of artists painting be sure to stop and see what their technique is and how they view that location. Sandy is a very talented artist and her paintings draw you into the scene. Sandy shared many of her techniques and chatted while she painted, no easy task.

Sandy reminded me about how long ago it was that I was a water-colorist and how much I have forgotten.  It made my fingers itch to try out painting again.. Actually, have done a few paintings on fabric, and had fun with how the paint reacted on cotton. Then of course, I quilted it.

Was going to make several other stops, but by this time it was around 4, and I needed to get home.

 Now, that it is light so late, there is still time to get watering done. We are thinking there could be a cold spell so we have not put the automatic waters on, and have to water everything by hand. We have had snow as late as Mothers day some years.. Wonder what Mother's Day will bring this year?

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