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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not just an Orchid

This morning I am taking a moment to reflect. A dear friend gave us a beautiful orchid plant. In the middle of making the Easter Dinner for the family, I saw the orchid back lite from the window.
At that moment I did not have time to reflect on it's beauty, or the beauty of the day.

But now in the quiet moments after everyone has left for work and home, I have this special time.

Gratitude for a wonderful time with family.
Scott and Noah, son and grandson came to visit, with them came love and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for helping, and riding the mower. Riding the mower takes a priority. Everything is cut and ready for the rain that should come across Calif. this week. Pansies are planted, and I am waiting for a warm up before I put in the veggie plants.

They brought with them battery run race cars, one that could  go into the river, even though it did have a struggle with the current. I am sure that made it all that much more fun.

Off to finish some paper work and into the studio. Make your day wonderful and full of gratitude.
And be in the moment.
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