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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Judy's Fabric Challenge- Pillow

Judy's Fabric Challenge-  The Pillow is finished.. That was fun and a nice compliment to the table runner.  Now, I am inspired to get some pillows covered in fabric for our bedroom that have been on the chairs for way to long. Embarrassed to say how long, but take if from me, I really need to get to covering them..
And I have the fabric. They will just be plan commercial design, nothing fancy or quilted, because some day want to have some quilts around that are not just on the rack.

I know you all probably have wonderful quilts on your bed.. I have the kind, (will not tell you where I bought the "set"), that the dog can lay on and can be thrown into the washer and dryer. Not the dog,,, the bedspread!

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  1. Vivian - I just found your post today. Your pillow and table runner are wonderful! Nice job with the challenge.

  2. thank you Diane, it brightens my day with all the colors, and such fun to make.


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