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Friday, April 20, 2012

Challenge, Judy's Fabric

Karen Musgrave sent out some fabric which I showed in a previous blog, This challenge was named, "Judy's Fabric Challenge" and you can also check out the story on Karen's Blog.

This time I really love the fabric but also wanted again to use Rayna Gilman's technique with the piecing. This is soooo much fun, and gets those little pieces out of my scrap bag.

I have been looking at the "Modern" Quilters with all the white fabric used around the piecing and decided this would be an excellent way to connect both techniques.  With a house in the country, lots of dust, dog and husband, white is not my usual color, other than the walls, and hopefully I can change those sometime soon.. But that is another story.

When looking at the Table runner, I had to decide how to best to quilt it.. And decided that variegated threads would be perfect. The challenge fabric is along the border, the darker piece, and also in the blocks.

Looks pretty good on the table. For Spring I should probably do a few pillows. Off to the Studio!
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  1. Very modern, indeed! Love it.

  2. Really really cool table runner. I, too, am drawn to the modern quilting aesthetic. Hope to see more of it from you.

  3. Very cool. I love the quilting you did and the asymmetrical border . Bravo!

  4. Wonderful table runner Vivian!

    I know you from Link In.

    All the best,



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