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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best of the Valley Quilt Show

Best of the Valley Quilt Show starts tomorrow and should be as wonderful as in the previous years. As you all know, lots of long hours and hard work go into setting up quilt shows.  I have been fortunate to have my quilts accepted and once participated in a special exhibit with Julie Mitchell and Lura Schwarz-Smith.

This year my piece is "Love It,  Don't Leave It".  I volunteer with many others to keep our environment picked up.  And this piece developed one day while I was helping.  You would be amazed what is left by the side of the road. With the turn of the economy there are fewer soda cans, but lots of cups, bags and bottles.

One day a gentleman with an old cowboy hat stopped, his old truck was barely hitting on all cylinders. He handed us a $20.00 bill and said, Thank you, please go to lunch on me. We told him Thank you, and gave the monies to the mountain organization that purchases Orange vests, sticks to pick up materials, and sends out announcement flyers.

Help keep our country picked-up.
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  1. It's good that at least some people clean up, isn't it?
    Congratualtions on your quilt!

  2. Were you able to make it to the show? It was extra-spectacular this year. The judges want to know what it is that we do, that attracts such quality work.
    What do we do? We quilt! ;)
    There were no easy categories, and I was instructed to "tell those quilters that they are creating amazing quilts!"
    And so, consider yourself told! :) Thank you for entering!


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