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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Timberline Gallery, Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the theme for March and April.  Joyce Wycoff, Lura and Kerby Smith, Davis Caris and my pieces are in this photo.

The large painting in the center is by Kathleen Mattox, a weaving by Jacqueline Kurtt, and a small framed piece by me.

Julie Michell creates the wonderful figures that you find in the gallery. David Caris makes the colorful masks as well as the ceramic bowls.

We have an amazing Card Rack.  Cards make thoughtful gifts for special occasions and they can easily be framed later for hanging or setting on a table.
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  1. Vivian
    Nice to see your challenge piece hanging in the gallery! The little framed piece in the second photo looks very nice...

    Now we/re both heading down the road with our second challenge and our exhibit pieces for the women show....nice journey ahead, some good things developing for me...exciting, fulfilling time.

    Be well...I enjoy reading your blog

    1. thank you,, yes, exciting this journey we are all on.. Such fun to meet and get to know everyone involved..


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