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Friday, March 16, 2012

SMQA's Spring Quilt Retreat 2012

Sierra Mountain Quilters have a Spring retreat at ECCO Conference Center every year.  I think I have been to all but the one when they had snow causing a big scattering of the ladies that had come up from the Valley.  This year the weather was in it's splendor, bordering on the feeling of Spring. Cold evenings and warm sunny days.

However, when I went to leave and was all packed up to go, my car decided it's battery was not up for the job.  I must say I am grateful, it was warm, I had a cozy place to wait, it is close to town, and my hubby was handy.  It could have happened in a scary place, like the freeway or in the pouring rain.
So blessing to my car for choosing a relaxed easy place to be towed from and close to town.
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