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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ning Yeh, Chinese Brush Painting.

Ning Yeh is a well known Chinese Brush Painter. In the 80's I was fortunate to have taken some Brush Painting classes with him..He lives in Huntington Beach, and you can read about him on the net, so I will not go into detail. 
We have been having a discussion regarding Chops in our Postmarkd'art group.  I have been on the search for mine, but sadly have not found it. I have only the one painting left with my chop on it, and am checking with friends that have Asian connections, because I don't even remember what my chop says.
I wanted to share with you his amazing horse painting! You can  see the beauty and movement in each brush stroke.. I have the book he wrote when we took the class, it sits in a place of honor.  Isn't it wonderful to have beautiful memories,,, be sure to enjoy the special moments  in your day.

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  1. thank you Meta. I feel very fortunate to have taken his class..


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