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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Neighborhood

This is not a great photo,, but in my rush I framed it and had to take the photo through the glass.. I believe I did show this before and most of you know that I show at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst.. The discussion has been frame or unframed for fiber.. That discussion aside, and an opportunity came up...

The Alliance of California Artists had a call out for their Major open annual show, theme this year is "Cityscape" and the venue is the Visalia Arts, in Visalia Calif. My friend Kathleen Mattox was going to enter also... and she volunteered to take my piece in.

We are both delighted that our art won ribbons. Mine in Mixed Media, there was no fiber category, Kathleen's in two other categories.  So stretch ladies, the artwork is in the gallery at Visalia Arts till the end of the month.. If you are in the "Neighborhood" do stop in...
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  1. Cute quilt. I’ve been allocated 5 sites to award a Liebster Blog Award for inspiration and interest… I love your blog, so I think you should have one.
    Please check back to my blog to receive your award and pass it on.


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