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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mike MacNamara Quilts

It is always inspirational to see what quilters in other parts of the country are doing. That is why I strongly believe in Quilt retreats.  Besides, the amazing experiences, lively discussions, the learning of new techniques, and lots of sharing.

Mike  ( can be reached for guild talks, mmac009@yahoo.com,) always brings the newest quilts he is working on.  Sometimes, we believe that our ideas are crazy, or this block does not fit with that one,, Maybe the Quilt Police will see an error in the stitching.

These thoughts are crazy, Quilting is for your enjoyment and sometimes as gifts.  Look at the quilts by Mike and Joe.  They are fun, they have fun, quilting is about having fun and sharing.

Now, this quilt is something I would never start, or worse, never finish.  It is amazing and lively.

Here is a close up,,, Do you have lots of scraps left from a project? Start sewing them together... Have a grand time with it... Thank you Joe and Mac for always showing your quilts, inspiring us and reminding us to have fun and laugh. 

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