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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lost then Found, Mountain Picnic

Before I went to camp in Jan. I started laying out what I would take to work on/ complete.  At this camp we set up a mini one day store.

 My plan was to bring the patterns ( Kathy and I created )for Mountain Picnic, also some of my jewelry etc.
When we arrived, my husband helped unload, boxes with quilting stuff, knitting, books, sleeping bags, bedding, clothes, sewing machines, etc.

When the day came to set up our wares.. I could not find this quilt, no more thought given, but when I got home, I could not find it.. I thought I had put it in a clear plastic bag.. Guess my memory of intentions were greater then my doing..

I searched for it, and thought about the embarrassment if I posted a " please, have you seen etc" , if I found it after.. So putting it off, hoping the "Spirits" that find things would help, I left it up to fate.

But in the back of my mind I thought it was lost.. and questioned did I have a signature block on the back?  I could not remember, would it find it's way home?.. Did it drop out at the In and Out hamburger place?  Where was it?

Well, I have a happy surprise, when I was unrolling quilts for a talk I am giving in a couple of weeks.
There rolled up neatly with another quilt, was my Mountain Picnic.

Thank you "Spirits" for directing me on where to find it.  With time and patience, what is lost will be found.
Now, could you help me find the ball of yarn with the crochet hook in it, that I took to another retreat?
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