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Monday, March 12, 2012

Joe Cunningham and Mac McNamara

Each year I attend a quilt camp with about 60 women. Have been going here about 15 or more years.  Each year Joe Cunningham and his friend Mac come to visit and show what they have been working on during the year..
Joe came to the mountains and SMQA Quilters, and gave one of his delightfully funny presentations about Joe the Quilter.
If you have not seen this you should book him for your guild meeting.

As usual Joe and Mac, kept us laughing the whole time, and showing their amazing quilts.

The squiggles you see on this one is with Bias tape... am going to try that some time,, have tons of it from eons ago in my mothers sewing box.
You can find Joe on the net, and check out his busy schedule.

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  1. Vivian
    I am forever excited by your Blog, and your postings on other sites.
    You are certainly understated, but so full of life and new details.
    Your latest "500 beaded showcase" I love.
    I really wish I lived close by to learn from you, regards your mindset and your skills

  2. thank you Maureen for your kind words. I enjoy sharing and I think that is what Blogs are all about..It is fun to hear from the people that visit the site. The book will come out in August and I am excited to see it also. Hugs, to you.


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