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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flowers of the Moment, Color

Just returned home from 4 days of quilting.  I was looking at some of  last months photos and this one popped up of the beautiful bouquet my son sent for Valentines day..  These are amazing flowers, but the color specifically is what I love.
There was a discussion at camp regarding colors in our stash. Do they change with the whims of the out side world?  In a quiet moment I was sorting a bag of scraps to use in a project, will show photo later. Many of us have quilted since the 80's and before, and we chatted about the colors we started to collect, and the colors of quilts we made when we started quilting.
I see peach and blue as a significant color combination for me at that time, and it still reverberates  into quilts now.
Maybe the Peach is a little stronger, and not really a "Peach" any more, but an Orange, with a bit of screaming, " I am here" attitude.. Does that reflect where I am at the moment?

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