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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blue Heron, Amazing Sky

I was looking out my kitchen window toward the river and suddenly a dark shadow came over the house. My thoughts were a Red Tailed Hawk, but no it was bigger. The wing span was enormous.
I  grabbed my camera and quietly opened the door, which really can not be that quiet for an animals ears. From the way it flew I knew it had to have landed on a small hill by the house.

I crept toward the top and a Blue Heron flew up above the trees and into the sky.  I have a digital as all must have now and I sort of aimed and clicked. I love my old Cannon and miss it.  I could not see what I was shooting at, but at least it does not cost me in film, just delete. Out of about 10 shots, I got one, as he rose above the trees and into a fantastic sky filled with amazing clouds..

Blue Herons are some times down by the river, strutting around with their heads down looking for gophers in the grass or sandy areas. Wish they would come closer to the house,, we have lots of gophers and I am sure the cats would share.

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  1. Blue Herons are very common here. They're always after the fish in the garden pond. But we won't see a beautiful hawk over here :-)


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