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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Timberline Gallery- Hungry?

I have been out of town at a Quilt camp... oh, so much fun. And now back to catch up with 400 emails. It is not the amount so much, as how interesting some of them are. Yes, there are sales adds, but also lots of quilting information. 

However, wanted to show you this delicious ceramic piece at Timberline Gallery by David Caras.. Now, this is the way to diet... although it makes me want to run to the nearest donut store, Judy's in Oakhurst,  17 miles away. Not so near!

Julie Mitchell's wonderful figures are all gathered together along with Joyce Wycoff''s beautiful digital art.

Have you seen our expanded card rack? If you would like to send a special card to friends or family, be sure to stop in and see the variety the artists have made especially for you... Many can be framed for years of enjoyment.
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  1. Aren't David's donuts just biteable! Lovely photos of the gallery.


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