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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Postmarkd'art, Steampunk

I keep forgetting to show you my Postmark'd art postcards. We are on our 14th round, and I signed up for 3 different themes. I just finished Steampunk. I used commercial fabric, and my hand-dyed orange.. Rubber stamped the design, added the metal, I think they are called  gears with pukka beads and small brass beads. Glued some tiny beads to the edge of the design.  Used an ink pad to subdue the commercial fabric, it was just too white..

Received some wonderful postcards in the mail... we are all sort of running with the same idea... I guess that is what portrays "Steampunk" wheels, watch parts, moving creative pieces.. I looked up Steampunk Art on the computer and the art exhibits are very creative and fascinating.Visions of Jules Vern.
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  1. Maybe I should have tried Steam punk also. Your card is interesting Vivian


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