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Monday, February 20, 2012

Karen's Challenge, Rayna's Book

While looking at blogs, I came across how to  spray baste vertically.. This project is small enough... although the artist did say, she had basted a queen size piece with her husbands help. It worked beautifully.. and was easy.. not to worry about over spray.. the newspapers on the side took care of that.

All finished and bound.. (32W X 24 L) You might notice that it is up side down from the way the photos were taken previously. Color photo is more accurate in the precious photo...
Well, I started to sew the binding on and forgot to put the sleeve on.. So I turned it up side down, or right side up, which ever you want to call it. Instead of taking out stitching.. Lazy? maybe, but good abstract art should be able to be hung any which way,,, or so they say.

A close up of some of the blocks.. I used variegated thread by Superior.  And, well ok, I did not start out to sew straight lines or shall I put it another way.. up and down, and across.. I had visions of circles and lines, and... However, my machine did not want to work that way.. I had to take out lots of stitching.
Guess my machine was right, straight lines worked out better.. I did not fuss with really "straight" I just zipped some close together, some wide apart,, after all that is the way the pieces are also. I might add some beads... maybe this is not done. What do you think?

Thank you Karen and Rayna, this has been great fun..  I used the Challenge fabric, in it's Original state, and also dyed it in red and brown.  It was a great Challenge Fabric and started lots of "What If's".

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  1. Love it! Great job! I am so happy that you joined in on the fun. Hugs, Karen

  2. It gives me the impression of abstract alphabet letters...love how you used smaller and smaller pieces. Wasn't this fun? And as a metamorphosis theme it fits right in!

  3. Marvelous! love the binding and was waiting to see how you'd do that. Your color choices are yummy and well, I'm clapping . . .

  4. Vivian, good job! You have captured a happy playfulness--which I gather is what Rayna recommends. Mine is finished and posted on my blog, too.
    Martha Ginn

  5. Thank you all for posting,, This is so much fun, I know what to do with the gathering pieces, that were just hiding in bags..
    Got to try it.. and yes, some of the pieces did start to look like alphabet letters. Amazing what pops up when the piece is complete.. Thank you for visiting my blog, and looking forward as others complete their challenge, all are so very different.

  6. Vivian, I am in the Bahamas and am so excited to get back and make a quilt of the colors of the water I have seen. your work is an inspiration.
    mary davis stegall

  7. Mary, thank you for your great words of encouragement. Be sure to let me see your piece when you finish it. The water in the Bahamas is aw inspiring. I still remember some of the colors in the waters off of the Greek Islands also.. Go for it.. Have a great trip.. Keep in touch.

  8. I really like your finished piece. gorgeous colors.

  9. thank you Janet... my favorite colors, next will have to try something with some different colors and see how it feels.


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