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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Aid Course, Sierra Amblulance

Yesterday was cold and rainy looking.  I had been invited with the Search and Rescue group to attend a First Aid; CPR Course given by the Madera Sheriff and Sierra Ambulance Service. I must admit I really did not want to spend an 8 hour day participating.  However, when I gave it some thought, I changed my mind.

Sierra Ambulance, is a non-profit that services the mountain area. Most of the citizens support them with their annual dues. 
But back to the day at hand.. I decide to take the course, for several reasons, 1. We live out in the country, and the time required for help to get to us is probably 15- 20 min.  That does not seem like a long time, unless you are ill, and in maybe many cities with traffic that could be the same amount of time.. But it is vital when an injury occurs that help is right away.

2. There have been some changes in how the Heart Asso. suggests that emergency care be given to someone when they think they are having a heart attack.. And I am guilty of always saying to my husband, " Let's wait and see how I feel in the morning or later".. Thankfully, it has never been a health issue that needed immediate attention. But they stressed that calling help right away when you feel it is  an emergency, is the best way. The Paramedics can make an evaluation when they arrive.

I could go into many details, but I won't. What I would like to do is stress, that for your well being, and the well being of your family, if you have the opportunity to participate in such a class, DO IT.

There was so much information that was important to hear, changes that have been made to improve chances of survival.  I hope I NEVER have to use any of this knowledge, but I am better equipped mentally to help in an emergency, and that is what it is all about.

Check locally, is it best to call 911, where does your cell call go, vs. your house phone. Have the phone number posted where it is easy to read.  Sierra Ambulance, has a magnet  you can put on the outside of your refrig.  In case you are alone in the house put any medical information there also.

Some of my quilter friends have said their information is in their Freezer.. so pull out the info, and put it on the door to the refrig.

Let us all be prepared to help each other.

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