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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lunch, The Elephant Bar

Most of you know I am the grab and eat on the road person. Ralph and I decided that since we did not have to be any where special and were waiting for his computer work to be done,, We would visit the Elephant Bar.  We had not been there in a long time, and could not remember why we did not visit it more often.

Pricing is in line with most sit down restaurants. But with some special and interesting selections.
Ralph chose the salmon sushi with a noodle soup.. he had already fished out the mushrooms which he does not like, when I decided to take a photo. He ate it all except for the onions and the mushrooms.

I chose the Fish and Chips, with Cole Slaw and the "green sauce".  I was prepared to pass on the Green Stuff, because if I remember it said something like mint & cilantro.  Oh, am I glad I did not pass that up... It has made a "try the sauce" gal out of me.. 
Don't say NO till you taste it.
The draw back with the Elephant Bar, I could barely hear my self think let alone what Ralph was saying to me.. However, when I told the server, why we usually did not come in, because of the noise, she suggested asking for one of the high sided booths at the back. 
Yes, my YoYo circle, they have seating there for 6.. so maybe next time out, we will hop in there. Although I do hear it is a squeeze.
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