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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Judy Dales, Interlocking Stars

I took a quilting class from Judy Dales, in 1996... wow, eons ago.. It was a fun class, "Interlocking Stars" as I remember, and I am not the worlds best, or even good piecer. But a gold star,,it is finished!

The reason I am showing this quilt now, is that, hanging a different quilt every month, is one of my 2012 thoughts/ goals, hummmm.. What am I saving them for, all folded up? I should be sparking my memory and enjoying the change of color in the living area.

Classes are always important and enjoyable.. In all the years I can only think of one class where Frustration was at the top of the list, well, maybe 2, now that I think of it.. No, will not tell which ones,, probably was partly my own fault .. I was surprised when a friend asked me why I take quilting classes, after umpteen years of quilting.

Several reasons came to mind. Friendship and camaraderie, learning new techniques, like the computer, there are always new ideas to learn, most that make it easier. Certainly there are new products on the market, and the fun of it... Look at all the new fabrics, colors, patterns that spark our creativity.

This is also a year to finish UFO's.. knitting and quilting, painting, and yard work, clearing my desk AND.........I get side tracked.
Enjoy your New Year,, that comes first, Have Fun!
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  1. nice quilt -- I know that pattern as "Seven Sisters" -- isn't it interesting how things are know by different names in different places


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