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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabric Landscapes

Organization, that is the word for this year.  I see everyone on the net making lists, and they get them done or say they do.  And one of the gals showed a list of 100 things she did last year, couldn't read all of them.. My thoughts at this moment are, don't list till the item is done. I have read all the organization articles, the how to,etc... and I love them, but I have to DO IT not just read the how, best way, etc. Even though I do learn and hope to remember.

So number #2 on the list is done, above is the entry of a post card.. won't say where unless it shows up...Don't know if I am supposed to mention it or not.  In case you missed it #1, was the "Birds" at the gallery.

This little postcard landscape is for my dear friend Jane... She sent me a beautiful Birthday Card, with the little wire flowers on it.. I tried to make another one out of copper wire to add to it.. But I did not have thin enough wire. Jane lives by the ocean, that is why the ocean is on her card.

I am terrible about sending out Birthday cards, in fact, this is the first year that I have not sent out the old Christmas Letter.  However, I did name it the New Years Letter, so I still have time.. My excuse was that this year I wanted to answer everyone's letter.. Well, that is not working out.. The stack of wonderful cards is till on the table. January is not over YET.

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