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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bloomin' Boomers

It is always fun when a friend does something extraordinary.. Sandra is a member of the Positive Living Center and lives on the other side of the Fresno River from us. I attended her open reception and book signing. In spite of the rainy weather the house was packed, yummy food, lots of locals and friends from the Valley. There were games, prizes, music by Joe Nelson and his guitar.  The place was jumping.

I love the presentation and cover of the book.  My husband and I took turns noting all the information that we had forgotten about that period in time. Sandee has written about many famous folks and some names I did not recognize. 

Beside reading about well known people, there is a great time line on World Events and Popular Culture.  It is a nice rainy day today, so curling up in front of the fireplace and learning more about that period of time sounds like the perfect afternoon.  Wonder where I fit in, having been born slightly before the Boomers.

Sandee will be having a book signing at our local Book Store Willow Bridge Books, check the schedule and I am sure she would enjoy a crowd. 
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