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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Postmarkd'art- Houses

Had to think about this one for a bit, and then I found some dog fabric in my stash.

Dog houses.  This is just one of the exchange cards with Postmarkd'art for this theme.  Several others were done with various scraps of fabric so each one looks a bit different.

Now, I can look forward to receiving a wonderful variety of cards.

Enjoy your Christmas Season.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Time

Welcome to our front door. We are not doing much decorating this year, but have the gate and the front door done. Our kids and grand kids are scattered all around the state, so at this time of year we enjoy our friends here in the mountains. We do keep busy with lots of cheer and parties.

Ralph, and the Marine Corp.League  have been very busy with Toys for Tots. Gathering and distributing to all the organizations to be sure all our mountain families have gifts for their children.

We are always amazed at how generous everyone is when it comes to making sure the little ones
have a fantastic Christmas. 

My outside flag,, "Let It Snow" but only when I am cozy at home, with a fire and a good book.

Hope you all,, have a very Merry Christmas!

Hug those near to you.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Postmarkd'Art- Letter W.

Just completed my postcards with the letter "W" for walk.  I love taking photos when we are at the beach.

But especially love the markings are in the sand.. The birds, seaweed, little rocks and shells.

And then the shoes of all designs and patterns, or bare feet, big and small.

This is our last grouping of the alphabet for Postmarkd'art, it has been great fun, with so many wonderful ideas.

I dyed the cloth, smeared paint on the bottom of a tennis shoe, and printed all over the fabric. With a stencil I printed the W. with a wonderful turquoise fabric paint,  added stitching and a mix of gold and white beads for the foam of the ocean..

And now they are ready to mail.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Playing with Dye

Great way to hide, a spot of juice on a new  cotton Turtle neck top.

I have not worn it yet, but thought I would show you how fantastic this color combination came out.

I love experimenting,,, my big down fall, not keeping good records.. But really, you think I could

 achieve this again? ...This is really serendipitous!
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Postal Pets- Tarantula

Life in the country.  Some days we come face to face with Tarantula's.. I have mentioned before our little crawly, hairy Fall guests and the Tarantula Festival.

But did not expect to meet one in the Post Office the other evening. He looked lost, so I did help him out the door.

When we first moved here you could see them crossing the roads in fair abundance. Now, sadly I  just see one or two in the season, even late in the season...

I miss the surprise entrance of these little fuzzy,  men searching for their women.

 Life is just too short, remember to enjoy each day.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Seasons Change, Fall to Winter

Leaves are falling all golden yellow, must be Fall... how fast the seasons breeze by.

 Trees are turning and dropping their leaves. We  gather the wood for the fireplace.

Now, the leaves have turned a brown and orange with just the touches of a golden Fall still in them.

The fog creeps in, swirling around, dampening every branch and leaf. Making a mystery of the river and the trees. The sounds have muted, listen for the sounds,, all is quiet.

Enjoy a meditation with the trees, now hear the music.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Madera Circle Gallery- Timberline Gallery

Sometimes I forget what I have put in which gallery.. So before I delivered these pieces I took a quick photo..
If you are looking for  handmade Christmas Gifts, be sure and stop by Madera Circle Gallery..

 Call first for their hours, the gallery is run by Volunteers.

 I have also dropped off some silk scarfs and fiber bowls at PLCs Mind Shop

 and Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst.

 Might even be a hand dyed soc or two left.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Embassy Suites- Napa Ca.

Napa Valley, Ca... A few weeks ago we took a trip to Napa Valley.  Ralph had a meeting there and I planned to work on the computer, knit, and just relax.

I did all of the above.. It was a beautiful place to stay, and was amazed by the size of the complex. There were all the luxuries. But the "wild Life" was the most fun.

White swans, black swans and Mallard ducks swam around in the interior court.
Fountains splashed and a light rain fell.

Breakfast was a wonderful choice of foods, and that lasted me most of the day.
Yes, I said most.. a little too much eating, but then that is what trips are for.

We did take a drive up through the vineyards, and through St. Helena.
Sadly, we did not have time to explore.

If you are ever up that way, this was a fun place to stay. No, this is not an advertisement,
just telling where I hid for a couple of days, with my computer, knitting, sewing and t.v.
oh, yes and ate.

Everyone needs a break once in awhile. Enjoy your day!
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Postmarkd'art- Doors- Harmony, Calif.

Harmony Calif. is a delightful town of, according to the web, has 18 inhabitants.
It is off of Highway 1.

" Harmony was founded in 1869 around several dairy ranches and a creamery. The operation changed hands repeatedly because of rivalries that led to a killing. In 1907, owners and ranchers agreed to call off their feud and called the town by its present name as a symbol of their truce."

Our Quilt retreat group loves to stop and look in the "Open Daily" Harmony Glass Shop.
They have an amazing collection of glass works, and they give lessons.  Dyed T. Shirts, wonderful glass jewelry. Fun place to stop for gifts.

This is just one of the stops on our travels, when we are not relaxing, quilting, or walking on the beach.

The door is not really yellow, I was playing with Photoshop, something I really need to learn.

Postmarkd'art has one of it's themes for Round 16, "Doors." I think these are particularly interesting of the Chapel in Harmony.

Fabric Postcards off in the mail!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Silly frog- Pensive

I would like to be Silly, this frog is pensive. So at this moment so am I, about what ?? Being Silly.

I receive the Daily Om, and that is what got me thinking today. Here are their wise words.

Giving yourself permission to be silly will nourish your creativity and is a good exercise in letting go.

I just could not delete this message, and needed to really think about it.  What else don't I give myself permission to do?

I am more of an introvert, I guess I worry about looking silly. But that is silly in itself.  Who cares if I look silly, guess it is just me.. I might make others laugh and that would be a good thing.

Have a good laugh and be Silly! 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Galleribba, Textile Art Mag

Exciting News !  Textile Art  Magazine has featured an article regarding a wonderful international small art web site  by Meta, called Galleribba. I am delighted to be a part of this group.  My little Zentangle bird can be seen in the last row of the collage. Yes, all the art you see is small and for sale. Just have to contact the artist listed..

I have met so many wonderful artists that are all over the world, with amazing ideas that are expressed in their colorful art.

 One of my blogs tells how I transferred my drawing to Organza and sewed it to  4" X 6" stiff fiber .

 Zentangles is all the rage right now, and so much fun to create the drawings. I must admit a bit addicting.

Enjoy viewing the Textile Art Magazine article.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Alien ? Power, Spinning

We were recently in the Napa, Calif. area.. more about that some other time.
On the way home we took a different route which brought us by these "wind mills"
Yes, there was a wind, so that is a very good place for them.. but there was also something eerie about them.  They silently spun, in a peaceful fashion. But I felt something I could not put my finger on, an energy.

They spun while the earth spun, are we all just spinning around. It was one of those moments that one realizes for some reason how short our span is here.. So what we do really matter, or are we just spinning our wheels? Perhaps we should all calm down, que sera etc.

It brought back the a moment when I was in Bath, England and  knew that there were thousands of people that had trod right under where I was sitting on the grass in a park. Happy, sad people, fighting, loving, all the emotions of the moment..

For me thankfully, I don't bury myself in the what if's, it is important to live your life in the moment, be happy, be kind and enjoy each other.

PS,,, I was not driving, so I could look out in wonder and take photos.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fresno Flats- Laramore House- Thankful !

If you are ever traveling to Yosemite, you could stop in Oakhurst and visit the Fresno Flats Historical Village. It is not on the main, Highway 41, but there are easy directions to it.

Our P.E.O Chapter had a tour of several of the buildings.
I am sorry I did not take photos of the exterior of the Laramore House. It is a very impressionable house, painted a pale yellow.

What I did want to show you is the laundry room?  I feel so blessed that I don't have to iron clothes. Just flat fabric of my choice, that my iron is light and plugs into the wall.

Look at all that lace and ruffling, and no air conditioning in the summer.

One plus for this house, they did have a water pump on the porch.. a real luxury.

The Historical Village is an interesting stop with many buildings and the history of how this area was settled.   Also a great place to picnic..

What are you Thankful for on this Thanksgiving Holiday Week-end.. I could list so many things, as I am sure you can also.. Remember to hug everyone with Love.
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Clever idea, , Morro Bay,

Not ready to post about our beach retreat yet.. have to sort the photos. But I was delighted with this idea. I have a collection of the small scissors.  You know the kind that when you walk into the Quilt Store and they have a new design..  I have cats, angels, stripes etc.. This wild animal design called to me  in Morro Bay at The Cotton Ball. We had heard a rumor that they were closed...

 Not True!  But they do have a new owner, Lori. Still stocked to the hilt and great because I found the blue Hoffman fabric that I was looking for and this clever idea.. They carry knit supplies also. The end covers are the ones that are used to put on knitting needles... How great is that!

No more poking though bags when packing the scissors, and with both those fabrics, I might get a UFO completed!  At best the top finished. Spotted fabric is from our stop at Quilters Cupboard in Atascadero. Another great stop on our travels.

Don't you just love it when something has a dual purpose!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Ice Dyeing

Had to share a few more pieces of Ice Dyeing with Procion dyes.
Orange-ish piece is with two colors and folded, you can see the lines.

This piece was with Better Black and Khaki. This looks like flowers and a water color painting.

I have forgotten which colors I used, but I only used two.. As you can see this is the back of a white on white fabric of tiny flowers.. it gives a texture to the back but still the "painted" side has some color.

Do you have some innovative ideas to share?
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dyeing with Ice

We had another wonderful Fabric Dyeing Class at my outside studio.

The weather agreed and was perfect.
I have looked at some of the other blogs that show the dyeing with Ice, and wondered
about what happens when all the colors leak together - BROWN at best.

So I went to the $-dollar store and bought some colanders.
Worked well for my purpose... Here is how the red came out.  I did add a bit of black, when the ice had started to melt... I left it in the colander till the next day.
It sat perfectly over a bucket, and the drips gathered there.. Could even be done in the studio when the weather is not the best.
While writing this, I had another idea... what if I were to put another piece of fabric in the bucket as the drips and dye came from the colander, wonder what that would look like.. and could do two different pieces at the same time..
Put that on the try list!  or maybe will do it now and see how that turns out!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabric dyeing Day

Darryl in his new duds.  Darryl is the son of my friend Nancy. They both came to the last fabric dyeing class.. and had some ideas of what they were going to work on. Since Nancy has worked with fabric dyeing many times, and I had some new gals in the class, I did not pay much attention, other than to suggest some new methods..

Darryl took off on his own.  First he soaked in Soda Ash, then painted on some dye colors. Let the shirt dry and took some leaves and painted around them as you might with a stencil.  It came out great! You can see the design of the leaves scattered around the shirt.


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