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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Master Art Quilts Vol 2

How exciting!  I love getting surprises in my mail... I guess the next best thing to being in Masters Art Quilt Vol.2, is receiving the book in the mail.  It is an inch thick, of fantastic photographs of Major Works by 40 Leading Artists.
A letter from Sterling says this came from Lark Needlearts Team and I feel so blessed to receive this.
Thank you so very much!

This book includes quilt artists from around to world... too numerous for me to mention here.
Lark books has a blog, be sure to pop in and see what is new. Also  " Like" on their Facebook page to keep up with everything that is going on with arts and crafts.

If I don't answer my emails right away, you will know that I am sitting in a cozy chair, with my glass of, would like to say wine, but my friends know I only drink Sprite. You get the picture...  I am having a wonderful time exploring other artists visions.
Hope you are cozy also..

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love It, Don't Leave It

Trying my hand at making a stencil was a bit of a challenge. Did not want it to fall apart, guess I was thinking this day, as it worked.

The Stewart Gill paints from Scotland are expensive at the Quilt shows, but so worth it.. Love the colors and the feel. It goes on beautifully, for rubber stamping and for stenciling.

Started by laying the pieces on my design wall. There is one batik, the rest are my hand dyes, rubbings, stampings and stenciling. It has beading, hand embroidery, little rocks, crystals, and found objects.
Free motion machine quilting and addition of my hand dyed Pearl Cotton.

The green with the painted figures was a "scrap" piece that I was experimenting on, and had put in the "stash" pile..  Oh, so happy I kept it.. you never know where something might fit...

"Love it, Don't Leave it", is almost finished in this photo.. I have added a few more items. It was accepted into the juried show, "Our Wild Lands".  The Reception is in Oakhurst at the Stellar Gallery on Sat. November 12th.

Hope to see you there.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunset, a Fall Sky

Even though it is still warm and feels like summer. Winter is coming.. I love the beautiful sunsets we have at this time of year.. We live by the Fresno River, and you can smell the slight dampness that winds it's way up the hill.. It is fresh and sparkling, no breeze , just the feel of the river. A quietness, beautiful silence...just the knowing of nature.

Am off to 4 days with quilting friends.  We have met  once a year for 13 years at the same location...   this is our special October meeting where we work on our own projects, share ideas, get some exercise and have fun quilting.
See you soon, with more fun news.. enjoy your day quilting.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kathleen Mattox - Gallery- Sanger

Gallery Opening, last week for Kathleen Mattox. If you were not there, you missed all the fun and seeing her beautiful new studio and gallery.. It is in a darling little building all built of bricks in downtown Sanger. I am sure there is a history to this wonderful little building.

Kathleen and her hubby, Roy,  repainted the whole inside with a wonderful shade of peach.. her beautiful paintings sparkled on the walls, everything looked fresh and inviting.. naturally there were munchies and goodies.. Joyce Wycoff  (Below) commented on how beautifully Kathleen set everything up..  Even the shower area.. but you have to see for your self.

Kathleen told us she had visitors all day, and they were still going at it when we arrived at 4 pm. She was featured in a local newspaper also. I did not get a photo of  her hubby and the men playing their instruments out side,,, but see Kathleen is playing beautiful music with her group of musicians.  Multi talented lady..
If you are not familiar with Kathleen and her amazing art, be sure to check her out on her blog, web or Facebook...She has art work that would make great Christmas presents.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Trash Pick up in the Mountain Community

Keeping our cities and country area's picked up is everyone's job. #1. is making sure trash does not escape your car, or blow out of your truck.

Yup!  that is a Vodka bottle, guess that person did not want to show that they had been drinking, hope they got safely home and did not kill anyone.

This time I found it interesting.. In the two hours + that I was out, I found less cans or bottles and more of these types of cups.. Guess people are keeping the cans to turn into money. I was shocked at how fast the plastic tops on these disintegrate into a million pieces when I tried to pick them up, the cups were still very hardy.

There were to go cups from all the franchise restaurants in Oakhurst,, I was picking up in Coarsegold area, about 14 miles from the nearest coffee or soda place.. Also one from the Valley. I am not naming them because it is not their fault,,, it is the fault of the person in the car.

Our county and others don't have the funds to hire people to pick up the trash, and why should they, so let's all be more attentive to our surroundings and keep our cities and country/rural areas picked up..

Below is the start of the pile that neighbors and volunteers in the Coarsegold area picked up... Notice your highways, and notice what is happening.. do your part locally, it only takes a little time.. Buddy up with a friend, great time to chat, it is very relaxing and it is amazing what you find. One time we even found money.  Easier then panning for gold..

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Wreath- 2011

Usually, I remember a holiday after it has passed.. In the process of cleaning up the studio, I came across this little grape vine wreath.. Checking out my scrap bag, I found some 2 in. strips that looked like the right season.

 I tied them to the wreath,,

Added a  Black plastic Spider and a little orange skeleton I found at Joanne's. I am all set and right in season.

Found my Halloween Quilt, that was a fun one to make and I should decorate a little for each season.. but the seasons come so fast.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Calm and relax

Taking a deep breath, and trying to center... soft music, relaxing stitches.. I pulled out an old denim shirt and decided to add some pieces of lace, doing some quiet stitching with embroidery thread and some of the hand dyed Pearl Cotton threads.. Maybe I will add  more beads, and check out other stitches, some black and white..

Perfect day for this,,, cloudy, gray and rainy...
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sierra Art Trails.... last day

Another fun year with Sierra Art Trails... I have participated in 7 of the 9 Sierra Art Trails week-ends.. Next year will be the 10th year... There are already thoughts being expressed on how to make next year special and  exciting.

Kimee was reading Tarot cards this year. If you missed this you missed the fun.    She explained about her many different beautiful decks of cards and the symbols, very interesting.. The big message for me was getting out of my own way and to stop the chatter in my head..Along with my TO DO list... relax and enjoy the moment...

Wish I knew how to do that, because I was so wound up after we took everything down that I was awake till the early hours of the morning.

I thought about all the lovely people we met, and the discussions on the variety styles of art represented and sites that they had visited. Sharing visions and techniques with artists and guests is one of the high lights.

Unpacking.... and putting away... lots of other projects to be completed.  Never a dull moment. Remember you can always call when you are in the area, or planning to be in the area.. My studio might not be cleaned up, but would enjoy meeting you. For those in the area, if you remember something you did not buy, or want some item for the holidays... be sure to contact me.

 I love Morning Glories... You would think that with all our heat they would bloom early in the spring or at least in the middle of the summer,,, But no, I just have a few come back every year to share their beautiful blue/lavender color. There is no fragrance, and their vines remind me of perseverance.
Fall is coming soon,, perhaps even rain this week.. My Ah Ha moment.

I am very grateful that during this week-end we had gorgeous sunny weather.. Perfect for the 2011 Art Trails. If you missed it this year, please put it on your calendar for 2012, we would love to meet you.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sierra Art Trails Opening 2011

Sierra Art Trails opening this year was on Friday.  It started out quiet and ended quiet, but no rain storms, and not that hot. So the weather is good.  Last year it poured during the night and Kathleen's EZ up almost fell. It was scary.. but weather is expected to be good all week-end... I say with fingers crossed.
Lots of friends did drop by and some promising to come back.. The artists that were not open on Friday took the opportunity to check out other sites..

I am showing a bit of everything I worked on all year. Journal books, Pray flags, scarves, Gourds, and gourd necklaces, hand dyed, & stenciled T. shirts, hand dyed socks, woven baskets, earrings,

photography, cards, and dyed and stenciled napkins.  Magnetic bracelets, beaded necklaces.  Kathleen's booth was busy with people enjoying her watercolors. They are amazing with all the bright colors.. Maybe tomorrow, I will show another photo of her booth.

 One of my quilted kites is hanging on the back wall.  Oh, I also brought some of my photography and watercolor paintings...
In looking at all that I brought, I had a moment to ruminate about what keeps me happy. 
Creating Art.
Come by if you have an opportunity, tell us about the other locations.  When we are working Sierra Art Trails we don't have a chance to see what the other artists art showing.
Our artist friends are all over the mountains and hills, Coarsegold,  Carolyn Hartling , is a pastel and watercolor artist, there are a variety of sculptures, jewelry artists, and Anita Stoll with her beautiful pastel art.
Joan Constable has just opened her own studio in Oakhurst, and Joyce Wycoff is at McDonald's, so stop in there for a hamburger and Fries, and see her magnificent Digital Photography.
Shela Boyd is at her husbands new location, and you will be amazed at what she can Airbrush on, everything from leather to Granite,,, or maybe your car!
The Hoffman's are in Mariposa with photography and pastels. Jerry Boswell is in Oakhurst with his magnificent black and white photographs of Yosemite.  And don't forget we all have work at the Stellar Gallery, and many have work at Timberline..
So come have fun!  Today and Sunday!
Buy the catalog and see the variety, almost 100 artists are showing!

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