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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom, Sierra Art Trails

A dear friend gave me a beautiful pearl necklace. I held them in my hands trying to decide what I might do with them.. Suddenly, a Prayer Flag came to my vision.. "Pearls of Wisdom" This is my 7th Prayer flag, and while I am enjoying making these and being part of the Prayer Flag group,, am I using this to procrastinate about finishing my projects for Sierra Art Trails?... Sept.30, Oct. 1 & 2..

I will have a few of these Prayer Flags for sale, but back to finishing the larger projects, some fun jewelry items, designing some gourds, and fabric dyeing scarves and T- shirts.. I will be showing at Timberline, and delivering pieces to Stellar Gallery for the opening Reception, on Sept. 10th.

Remember to put number 29 on your list to visit, Kathleen Mattox and I will be at Julie Mitchell's studio in Coarsegold.. just a reminder for you to put it on your calendar.. More regarding the event later.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paint stiks on Fabric, SMQA.

Not the greatest view from the camera,,, but, ok..... It was a fun evening demonstrating for 6 rotating groups of women at our Sierra Mountain Quilters Guild..

I brought several samples, but also all the paint sticks and some plain fabric. I made a sample on black from the Star Builder book by Laura Murray, another great book is Paintstiks on Fabric by Shelly Stokes.

I just realized that I don't have a photo of my "star"... Off to put that in a later post.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Timberline Gallery - Praying Mantis- August

August and my turn to sit Timberline Gallery. I enjoy sitting the gallery and chatting about our artists when we have guests from all over the world. Yes, they are visiting Yosemite, but they do take the time to pop in and ask about the local art and artists.. The landscape above is one by Caroline Hartling,, Be sure to check out Timberlines Web site, to see all the artists listed.

Chris Sorenson works with metal... Not only works with metal components but is a binding force in Fresno when it comes to metal art.. This is one of his small beautiful pieces, but see who else likes it..a Praying Mantis. Is this opposites attract?
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Bugs!!!!!! and the Garden

Have veggies, have tomato bugs,,, ugh... I spent a long time trying to find this guy. I could tell he was enjoying my favorite tomato plant, because he was starting to eat not only the leaves but my tomatoes...

This morning I searched for the tomato "bug" and could not find him.. I had spray on the plants now, so where is he... Ah, look carefully,, it is a grasshopper... Isn't the insect world amazing, he is hardly noticeable.. Just did not have the heart to knock him off, hate jumpy bugs or toooo big!
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Roses for you, Thank you

Thank you, Followers.. I am delighted to see more signed on followers. As most of you know I am not in any way a techy. Even lucky to turn the computer on and get a blog out to everyone..

Would love to be able to write monthly announcements/ letters, and put in all the exciting things that everyone else seems to do, besides being in the studio getting creative moments completed..

Have patience with my learning curve. I tend to get distracted, have good intentions.. and more ideas then I can cope with..

This is a "public" thank you for following me on my blog, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.member.

You are very much appreciated and comment sometimes when you see something that interests you... Have a wonderful day..
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art Quilting Studio Magazine

Art Quilting Studio, love this magazine, so many wonderful ideas.. Usually, I go right to the articles and devour each one.. and then the magazine goes back into the stack.. This time I picked it up again while straightening out my coffee table for company. Ok, so I did not get to all the cleaning that day.. but it was men, so they did not notice.

On the inside of the front cover, I lingered on C & T publishing's descriptions of TAP, Lutradur and the books that go with the products.. I participate in the C & T Creative Art Troop, which is great fun.
As I read further, I noticed my name under a post card I had sent in and forgotten about.

I made it with Lutradur, Yarns, variegated threads, beads and Paint. I had been working on "sunsets" for another project and making Postcards for Postmark'd art exchange which is just one more of my passions. Wow, my piece is right next to Lesley Riley's.. how exciting!
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Real Postcard! Tillamook County

I love it when friends send postcards on their trips.. My friend Pat sent this when she visited in Oregon... With all the cows in attendance, is this the area that Tillamook cheese comes from?

Pat is not a quilter but appreciates all the work that goes into making a quilt. It is wonderful to see quilt patterns painted on the sides of barns.. Love the post card Pat, chat soon.

With all the cows laying down, are they meditating and enriching the milk or as some say, when cows lay down, a storm is on it's way... Oh, look at the sky in the photo.
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Yurt and Stargate

Sometimes we fall in to interesting opportunities. Opportunities, where we learn and enjoy a new journey.. I attend the Positive Living Center in Oakhurst and on occasion we have speakers who come to the mountains and announcements are made that are fascinating.

On a Fri. night there was to be a mini meditation workshop with Prageet and Alcazar, in a Yurt.

I could not pass up this opportunity. So with my friend, Joyce, we ventured to the northern area of Oakhurst, and River Falls Road... We have lived here for 11 years, and I have never been down this road.. I will show photos of the waterfall later, but for now I will tell a little about our meditation..
There were about 10-15 of us in attendance. Above is a photo of the Stargate. Some sat in the Stargate and others of us laid on mats around it to meditate.. To tell the truth, I could not bend myself up like a pretzel to climb in the Stargate, but really would have liked to meditate in there..Need to work on Yoga... on my list of to do's.

Prageet put on beautiful music and started to speak as Alcazar. It was interesting and soothing. I really don't remember very much, other than listening to the music, enjoying the moment of calm, and feeling refreshed.

It does not matter where you meditate, just sit quietly and enjoy the moment. With all our distractions during the day, remember to give your mind and body time to focus on its self. A quiet place in a wild churning world.
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Magic Feather Project.

Every few mornings I receive an email from Jude Hill, and her Magic Feather hand embroidery work.. I really admire her photography and her direction.. A calmness I wish I could carry through the day comes over me when I read the few notes she writes.

So I decided when she opened up with an invitation to join and send her a piece of hand work, staring the Magic Feather, I would send one to her. I got out some fabric that was stacked waiting to be "something", and thought it would be perfect.

Jude has directions to share and I checked them out, very easy.. I sat with my embroidery threads and enjoyed the quiet time of a "stitch at a time"..

I had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit with needle and thread.. A few months ago I took a class that showed the embroidery with machines,,, I know now why that is not my thing.. I felt like I was rushing and the noise was constant..

If I did not feel the need to produce more "art".. I would enjoy the moments of quietness, of a stitch at a time.. to enjoy the breeze, and the quiet nature of our land.. few birds that flew by and the sound of the hummingbird flying in and landing on the feeders..

Is this what life should be, could be? And then I finish, and send this moment with the Magic Feather to Jude..I hope she likes it.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inspiration, Prayer Flags.

How does inspiration start... I have no idea where it comes from, it is just there..

Recently I have been making Prayer Flags for the Prayer Flag Project.. There is a specific size and dimension. However, today I was looking at my junky table tops, gathering items for the demo I am doing tonight at the guild on Oil Paintstiks.. and started to play around with the Chinese coins that a friend gave me.

She has been generous and given me lots of her costume jewelry. And I was thinking of her when I started playing with paints, and letters. Many times we have spoken of Peace, and she mentioned today that they enjoy sitting outside to eat their meals.

So making a Prayer Flag for her just came to me. I started with green hand dyed fabric, stamping with various items, hand dyed threads, variegated stitching, coins and dyed barbecue sticks...

They have a lovely patio, so maybe she will hang it there. They are great fun to make and are nice gifts for the holidays. I plan to make more to show and sell in my booth for Sierra Art Trails.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reminder, Stop and Smell the Roses

I hate to admit when I am tired.. Not to any one, but to myself.. While the kids visited I was energized with everything going on. Today I returned from a meeting, and just want to sit.. I guess maybe because it is 5 PM. Still have to feed the llama's. But they can wait till it is a bit cooler. I am going to sit and veg out for a few moments.

Each morning I receive the Daily Om, and for those few seconds I take a deep breath and give their words some thought.

Just as there are people that support us, we are a supporter to many people extending the cycle and giving back.

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Sierra Artist Flash Mob, History, Thank you!

It looked quiet to start out with, but soon we had a bit of a crowd. Yeah, even some found us on Facebook.

Jon and Carolyn were entertaining, dropping paint from the ladder, and the photographers were having a field day with sneak shots... always remembering to ask permission.

Our Art Flag table at a quieter moment.. soon all the spaces were filled. We had squares of fabric, permanent marking pens, and imagination! I think we gathered about 30 flags at the end, some of the artists took their art work home, the others were flying from the rope we strung between the building supports..
We also had some sales at Timberline Gallery.. We had guests from San Fran area, on their way to Yosemite.. Best to always stop in Oakhurst, you never know what we are going to be putting on..
The Produce Place supplied us with delightful sandwiches, and delicious home made soup. Many decided to have dinner right there or take food home. Next time we will have some music. Hey, musicians you really missed out!
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Dares

Ben Peterson, Brandon Shapiro, Anthony Aguirre, Matt Peterson.

Glad they agreed to have their photo taken with the Sunflowers.. Brandon is over 6 ft. Some of the sun flowers this year are over 10 ft. high.. a jungle!

We had a fun time with Ralph's grandson Brandon and the musical group the Dares. They are off to their next engagement ending this tour with San Francisco..

Usually, Ralph and I don't sit and relax on the porch, something we should do. But we seem to look out and see things that need doing. Usually some seasonal thing in the garden, or near the river, weeds need spraying, trees need trimming or wood needs cutting, and it goes on. But when we have company we have the opportunity to relax and sit on the porch and just enjoy the beauty of the mountains and in this case, our new found friends.

Yes, it was hot, but in the mornings it is beautiful with the hummingbirds coming to the feeders, the breeze in the sun flowers and a fantastic blue sky.

Our Queensland Heeler, is not much on company and takes awhile to get used to people being around, but he was enjoying the treats that the boys dropped his way..

I am sure they will be back this way since we are in the middle of California. If you want to check them out The Dares.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Dares, " musical band"

I don't usually put "family" photos up, but had to show you the "Dares". Trying to catch a musical group when all of them are not moving with a digital camera is tough! The young man on the right is Ralph's grandson, Brandon.. They are touring and came to Fresno last night. Today, the city boys are getting a small taste of the country before they are on the road again.

We really don't understand this type of music, but are learning. Nice good hearted young men with a passion for music. Hate to say it, but had to wear ear plugs and could hear just fine.. Look forward to hearing them again in a larger venue.

It is fun getting to know them. You can find them on the net, actually, their web site is very impressive.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flash Mob, Coming Soon

Getting ready for the Flash Mob at Gallery Row in Oakhurst, Saturday Aug 13th, 6-8. We are going to have a table with fabric pieces where people can make their own Art Flags. This idea sprang from the idea of Prayer Flags.. We will put a cord on the patio posts and hang them up.

People can take them home when they leave or leave them for us to share and be colorful decorations. "Mountain home" I drew with crayons, pretty child like, and "Joy" is with colored pens. We were going to use acrylic paint, but I thought it would be too messy.. So now we are all going to bring a variety of easy products to play with..

Hope we get a good crowd.. We heard that some of our musician friends will attend.. Food to buy from the Produce Place. Come on dancers, artists and neighbors,, this is the first Flash Mob in Oakhurst.... should be great fun, bring your neighbors and friends!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prayer Flags #5- completed

I am trying to think of a title for this Prayer Flag #5.. I added, words, outlined the leaves with a Sharpy pen, added beads and the lady bug button. The words I wrote at the bottom are just what came to mind for that day. "Words are not necessary when looking at Nature". Maybe that is the name.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Boxes- fabric

My cousin called from Florida, she was clearing out items from her mothers home.. Her mom had been an Interior Designer, and now is unable to work at her beloved profession.. My cousin, not knowing that much about fabrics thought I could use some of it.. Because of cost I suggested places around where she lives that ladies might like it, but she was feeling overwhelmed, so I said sure, send it to me to sort and distribute..

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It is like Christmas with surprises in every box.. Some is poly, and gave that where it is needed for maybe clothing or covering for furniture.. There are some beautiful pieces of silk, brocade, and some cottons. I have only opened 3 of them, and with each piece getting lots of ideas.

Even found some that I can use to cover some pillows.. and of course, used some silk for the prayer flags.. What fun, Thank you Karen.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Quilters Garden" Quilt.

This is the last flower to be done on the Quilters Garden Quilt. Making it on the Creative Sewing Machine at the store. Yeek, another computer! Yes, I have a newer machine, but it does not do Embroidery. I still like my 20+ Pfaff, and switch to it often, as the new one does not like some threads.. Fussy thing!

I took the class, once a month at Cottage Quilts for the last 13 months... Never missed one.. or at least I don't remember missing. My friend Nancy and I made the drive from the mountains and enjoyed our day in Fresno, wildly running errands after class, and visiting Joanne's before class. Have to use those coupons!

Have I finished all the blocks?,,, No,, some are not done.. But have decided not to make one big quilt. I will make it into two separate quilts. I will finish each block first.. Have learned a lot and some new tricks... Reading directions in the book that comes with the machine is mind bending, and some things are easier on my older Pfaff.. and it likes all threads..

As much as I would like to dive into making this now,, have 3 other things on the board first, and need to get ready for Sierra Art Trails, and go through some of the boxes that have arrived... will show those later.

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Prayer Flags #4 & #5

I am scheduled to do a demonstration with Paintstiks for our guild, Just short little tutorials for the ladies to be interested in a new process. Since I am creating Prayer Flags in between everything else, I thought I would make one with some yellow hand dyed fabric.

Collected garage sale items for the rubbings.. The copper piece is the top of a warming tray, and the flower came from the bottom of a cut glass dish. I had written words in the open yellow area, but had to go over them today with a larger permanent pen.

My cousin in Florida called and sent me 12 boxes of fabric, long story but will go into that some other time.. This is part of a beautiful piece of silk, another Prayer flag, and tried stitching the word love on it.. If I had been braver, I would have put it in blue.. You can see, I printed a font from the computer and traced it onto tissue paper, then sewed over that onto the fabric. It worked out fine.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bunnies, and Cows

I put this Bunny mat in the bathroom off of the Studio... Each time I am in there I laugh at the cute bunnies... However, when I am checking out my garden and see that the bunnies have been there, I am not as happy. They munch weeds, but also my veggies.

Below: Cows... I decided the Bunnies were getting a bit worn, and we needed a change. When shopping last week at Home Depot, or was it Lowes' I found this "Cow" mat.. So now this silly Cow is there to surprise people.

Each season, I say this year I will paint the walls, but for some reason I can not make a decision on color, time passes, yard needs weeding, dead lines show up for some commitment I have made with quilting. So painting walls goes to the bottom of the list..

So I have made another list, the must do's in order of need.. Does one "need" to paint walls? Maybe, but not today!

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