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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Timberline Gallery- Inside June 2011

It was my turn to sit the gallery this week.. We had guests from Texas, Maine, and San Francisco, just to name a few of the places. Yes, all were either going to or from Yosemite Nat. Park. We also have local people who come in regularly to see what is new and to buy for themselves or as gifts.

In the distance you can see my "Brilliant Sky", fabric wall hanging. Caroline Hartling works with a group of the artists and relocates all the art every other month. This is a challenge, and she gets a big gold star for taking on this job... There will be some surprises this month, come and see!

I was fiddling with my new camera, which is going to take a long time to figure out, and clicked these two shots of the interior as is was in June... changes in July. The photos turned out pretty good.. Yes, it is an automatic, but I can not figure out all the symbols, and it is a touch screen.

Thankfully, I figured out how to delete the unwanted photos before I load them on a CD, for safe keeping..

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jewelry, Timberline Gallery

Have been busy making, Beaded gourd necklaces and earrings. We will be changing the displays at Timberline the Monday after 4th of July that is always a wild day at the gallery.

I grow the little jewelry gourds, clean and cut them in half , then paint the inside and stain the out side. Using the knotless netting technique and Wax Linen, I weave in some beads and string the others. I like to have a theme, and name each one. Sometimes I can find some beads or dried nuts that look like little faces. Other times I use a marble.

Completed a variety of earrings, coral, turquoise and silver beads. Sold one before it went on display and received a call today, that the other red one sold. Love it when I make something that can enjoyed for a long time. Makes me Happy!

Stop by and see our Yosemite Display after the 6th. of July.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alzheimer's Fund Raiser

This photo is a portion of a quilt I made and sold named"Serenity". I reproduced it on fabric when friend at Postmarkd'art asked if I would donate a fabric post card 6" X 4" as part of a fund raiser for the Alzheimer's Quilt Auction. All the information can be found on line on
this is a very informative site.

We have all been affected by this terrible disease, maybe friends or family members. My father passed over 20 years ago, it took 10 years as he kept forgetting everything. Then we did not know anything about what was happening and it was labeled differently. There were no help groups, and he was a quiet man to begin with, so it was hardly noticed as it slowly progressed.

There are some amazing small quilts that are available for auction, be sure to check the sizes before bidding, take a little time to explore this site, chose a gift for your self or a friend.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Morro Bay, the Rock

Morro Bay, the Rock.... is amazing.. Great view while we had lunch....Yes, it was an overcast day... but really, with it being 100 here at home, I just had to post a cooling photo.

Off to make some earrings. Timberline Gallery is having a special showing of the wonderful jewelry we showcase. The gals in the gallery do such a wonderful job of displaying all the artists work... stop in some time and check it out,, the change out is after the 4th of July. Perfect timing to come visit the mountains, and cool off from the valley heat.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quilters Run- Southern Ca. 2011

When I heard that the Quilt Run was the same week-end as our Granddaughter graduating. I set out to hit at least 10 shops, and vowed that this year we would not be late to the festivities.

Last year we happened upon the quilt run, and I collected 8 charms.. This year I have 10 added to my bracelet.. Each shop gives you a charm with the pattern. You can buy the fabrics, for the block, make a full quilt with all the patterns, or pillows, and table runners as one quilt shop showed. There are drawings, munchies, and goodies along the route as most of you know.. I heard rumored that one lady hit all the shops and put 1,800 miles, but maybe that was exaggerated.. But notice it is from L.A. to San Diego!

As you can tell from the flyer it is two week-ends, 4 days each..We started along the 210, hit central Orange Co. and went home via the 101. Each year the charms change, and this years theme was seasons. I wanted to collect some Fasset fabrics, and some look alikes..

Some of the stores did not carry either, but needless to say I did return home with a bag full of fabric and ideas.

As I mentioned each charm has the picture of the pattern they use, and on the back is the name phone, city, or web site for the store. Directions were great, and sometimes with a GPS, it was even clearer. Signs out on the road helped also.. Have fun, there is still this coming week-end.

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Trees and frogs

We have to remember to look up once in a while... Went on a Quilt Run in So. Cal.. but more about that later... We were on one wonderful old street and looking up saw these wonderful branches. Don't know the name of the trees, but the shape is beautiful. I wanted to hop from the car and pet them... Smooth, white bark.... nature is sooooo amazing.

For some reason, I can not write below my last photo on my blog entries.. have no idea what is happening now..

but below, my little porch friend is really a surprise, they hop out of the plants just as I start to water. And yes they startle me.. better then a snake!

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Solvang- socks

Yes, I some times wear socks with sandals, when I wear jeans... this is the only way to show off fun socks... And yes, we took advantage of the wonderful pastries and pastry stores in Solvang...

Enjoy your vacation. Look forward to seeing where all my quilting friends go this summer... Now it is off to do some weeding before the sun gets too hot, and I just have to go to the studio to cool off with some hot fabric. Looking forward to that today... working on the table runner that is now becoming a wall hanging,, and will go into the gallery... a wild back ground that I hand dyed and stamped... but more about that later.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Solvang, Textures

The sun finally peaked through a bit when we drove into Solvang. We have not have been in this area in years.. The stores are overwhelming with the variety of items.. We bought a pair of fun socks for a friend.

I focused on looking at the variety of textures and designs on the buildings. Wished I had some rubbing materials for this grate.. Do you think they would miss it... guess so....

All the wonderful timbers and colors of the buildings.. Lots of fun,, gotta look out for the cars when crossing the street.. Thankfully, my husband keeps an eye on where I am wandering, and keeps me from danger. Like stepping off the curb at the wrong moment to get a close up!

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Solvang Area

We tried to leave the area after 10:00 but just could not wait for this Quilt Store to open, on the way to Solvang..

They have a cute ad in the local brochure and I was looking forward to seeing the inside.. but just had to do with the out side. How did they make these great tire art? We have some tires, but were going to make a wall with them by filing them with dirt... These are big tires!

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Good Food

Went to our granddaughter's high school graduation. We usually come straight home but this year we decided to drive up 101. But before we left we had dinner with some of the kids and grand kids... Needless to say after this meal at Tsunami Sushi in Huntington Beach area, we were stuffed. I really need Weight Watchers! Melt in your mouth...oh, so good!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabric Dyeing again, or still

Rhonda is dyeing fabric for her daughters expected new baby. This is going to be one colorful baby's bedroom.. We did a variety of ways of tying the fabric, colorful groupings, and it is exciting to see what the out come will be.. and then how she sews all this together to make the bumpers, pillows etc.. Even dyed the sheets, ok she did those a light yellow, just for a bit of contrast..

There was a bit of dye left, so I just had to find some items to dye.. I don't like keeping the dye over.. Ok, with the Soda Ash, but not the dyes.. Is that an excuse, not really, get it while it is fresh.
My friend Linda called and said she would bring her fabric to Church this morning.. she had washed her fabric and the yarns... She is so excited..

Linda and her hubby Rick put together the Native American Flute Festival Annually in Oakhurst in Sept. This year it will include many types of musical instruments.. Rick makes wonderful metal drums, and plays the flute and Linda creates bags and purses.. You will find them traveling in the U.S. to the various gatherings.. Look up Native American Flute Festivals on the net.. Better still come to Oakhurst in September enjoy that festival, Yosemite, and the Sierra Art Trails Home Studio Tour in October.. lots of artists up this way.

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Day 2, Fabric Dyeing

You are right, that is yarn! Cotton yarn,,, anything goes in my Fabric Dyeing Classes. I encourage everyone to bring added items, Pearl Cotton, Cheese Cloth, an old T. shirt.

Nancy looks like she is rolling and tying a roast. I guess this is a bit like cooking, we do use measuring cups and measuring spoons. But that is as far as that goes, no hot oven..

Below is the Saturday Group... missed some photos of the gals on Friday..

This time I was not up on taking as many photos,, sorry, was a bit busy.. We usually finish "playing" about noon. Everyone brought something to add to a salad lunch. I provide the lettuce, bread, cookies, and juice.. It was delightful, great conversation, and no duplicates of the tasty additions, mushrooms, nuts, raisins, tuna, crunches, tomatoes, and a variety of dressings. etc..

See, no one has any dyes on them, this was a very tidy group! Last year I had to separate our more rambunctious gals, as they started to paint each other.. all in FUN.

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Fabric Dyeing Day is here

This last Friday and Saturday were busy fun days.. The ladies arrived about 9 Am, and with discussions on procedure, the process, how best not to leave with yellow and green hands, we had a fantastic day. There are many ways and books with directions on dyeing fabric but I learned this method years ago from my friend Nancy in Orange Co. It is easy, simple and fun.. most important FUN.

We filled the jars with salt, and then filled the jars with measured amounts of Procion Dyes.. this was after the fabric had been in the soda ash for the proscribed time.

It is such fun for the ladies to take home their colorful jars. I am hoping that they bring their fabric to our guild meeting..

Susan decided to tie some of the gravel on to her White T Shirt, which she then dyed.. I guess I was busy when she put it into a jar, because I have no idea what colors she used.. but am excited to see the results..
Every time, someone wants to try a new idea, and that is how we all learn something new, and expand the wild ideas from there. What some call Happy Accidents. Is this how art just grows from one idea to the other?

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Sunday mornings is our special day to meet with neighbors for breakfast at the Chukchansi Casino... There are 7 of us, and we pretty much stick to the same order.. But my husband, always last to order frequently changes his mind..

Our wonderful server, Silvia, knows us all by name and desires of how we want our food.. She has been on nights for the last 9 months, and we now have her back at breakfast time.. Can't believe that the time went that fast... Don't think it went as fast for her... We love having her back with us..Makes our Sunday morning complete!

Above is the French Toast delight with strawberries that my husband ordered. And he ate the whole thing!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fabric Dyeing Class, next week

Our dog Mr. Wolfe is very patient and loves to be out side.. He can not be there alone, because he eats rocks.. Weird!

I wash out my jars and first rinse of the dyed fabrics in the yard.. because we have a septic.. It will not hurt the septic, just don't want the added water... So I do the old fashioned, pioneer way, except that I have a hose, and not taking it to the river as they do in so many places in the world..

Procion dyes are harmless once wet.. We have a wonderful time, sharing and experiencing the joys of bright colored fabrics. We join together after the fabric dyeing for a great salad luncheon. Each time it changes depending on what the gals bring to add to the lettuce, bread and juice that I provide. Come have fun! Email me at vivianhelena@sti.net.
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