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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is here. But where is Picassa

PHOTO OF DIRT... See It???
Thanks to some glitch with Goggle, my photos are not coming through.

Yes, this is a pile of weeds in dirt.. Once had some wood around it that rotted.. Last year I did not have time to corral Ralph and work on the Veggie spot, not garden, but spot.. and besides I goofed and put it over the septic. Not a major issue, unless, you have to drain it..
So yesterday, both of us home at the same time. Ralph built the boxes with screening on the bottom to keep out the gophers, we cleared a new area, and a partly completed with 2 places to plant..
We had found the picket fencing at a garage sale and it will cover the area that faces the street, and leave the back section open for me to plant, and oh, yes, weed.. If you look close we have chicken wire on the top, because this is not a wonderful new cat box..
I love silly flamingos, just because some people hate these plastic birds,,, I get a laugh out of them.. The bag of wood chips only covered this small area.

Took a hot shower and relaxed in from of the T.V. last night. This morning I can hardly walk, even the dog is moving slow... Thankfully, I had planned a day in the studio to work on the Challenge Quilt... but even that means moving the body..I could say, I need to do this more often.. and maybe I will not hurt so much... but today, I am passing on that chore. Enjoy the sun!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Watercolor Paintings, Yosemite Western Artists Asso.

YWA, Yosemite Western Artist, an art group I belong to in the mountains, were asked to hang paintings at the local Realty Office in Coarsegold.. So between rain drops I hung 2, "Spring Floral" Watercolor Floral paintings.
This piece is the only one I have left of the Cyclamen that I painted in the Chinese Brush Method.. I studied with Ning Yeh in Southern Calif. Not great photo taking, the glass is over the painting.

So stop by the J. Carol Realty Office 559-642-4442, in Coarsegold on Highway 41, and see wonderful art and chat with a very friendly group of Real Estate and Insurance advisers.
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Spring Wonderland 2011

I am always amazed by the power of water. Living on the Fresno River, we see nature at it's finest, and most powerful. We were finally able to cross to our "island" by laying down some boards and walking over the deeper water areas. See more photos on Riverwind blog.

My camera is pointed toward the mountain area. My husband Ralph is standing on part of the land that is left after the water gouged out big chunks of dirt, we hope it fills with gravel naturally... and gold??? We lost about 60 ft of land.. it used to continue to the large rock you see in the distance.
Viewing the rock from here, it looks very gentle, but it isn't. It rained again most of the night and the river is up. That rock can barely be seen.. and no land is showing now. We have blue skies and fluffy clouds, so calm is returning. The geese are in love with all that vegetation that has been brought up and are enjoying munching on tidbits. The sad part is the trees we lost and will loose in the near future. Change is so prevalent. Some days we don't notice change and then it comes crashing into our lives. Enjoy the peaceful calm days, so that you are prepared for the changes. Gratitude again for all that is.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quilting Arts Mag. Congrats 10 years

Am I procrastinating? Should I be working on a quilting challenge for the guild? Yes, !! But !!! Quilting Arts Magazine is 10 years old and wanted to see some postcards celebrating their Birthday.. The words around the BIG 10 are 10 in many different languages.. Do you know which country they belong to?
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sisters 7, Gather to Play with Soft Pastels

I have never played with soft pastels. What fun, Anita Stoll was such a sport to share her pastels, paper, and lots of baby wipes for me.. I just could not keep my hands off of the paper, and wore most of it home.
Anita sharing ideas, and how one usually lays down the color with pastels..

Anita in her beautiful clean studio. Her art is amazing and so beautiful. I got lost in looking around.. I have not looked at what I did since I came home.. some fear. I find that what I have in my mind does not get on the paper, maybe that is why painting is a frustrating process for me.. I love it, but frustrating..
Kathleen Mattox, took off as usual in her own special style... does not matter what media, it comes out with bright colors and exciting thoughts.. Did not get a photo of Julie's, or Sheila's... or mine for that matter.. I will peek at mine and see if it is worth taking a photo of it.
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Yoyo's Gather in March

March is a beautiful month in the mountains, wild flowers are starting, and we had a rainless day for the monthly gathering of YoYo's
Myra brought a quilt that has been pieced together at her house, love the colors. It is a big Queen Size.

Nancy and Kathy are showing off that they have finished their Challenge Pieces, Sounds of the Sierra's . They both were thinking birds.. I need to get busy with mine.. have to turn them in soon, or at least the paper work.
Each Circle is putting together a basket to be raffled off. Ours is a garden basket, a few of the goodies are a cuddle quilt, garden tools,
a hat to match the quilt, a quilted journal, and knitted squirrel... the kind that does not dig holes! And lots of surprises.. Come to the Mountains May 14th & 15th... going to be fun!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Serenity" as donated postcards.

The Marie Keating Foundation is a fund raiser for Breast Cancer in Ireland. They requested postcards from all over the world. The Theme is" Branching Out". I was thinking this represents "Our World in Space" We can be connected by a ribbon or just let the ribbon fly. Can we Branch out that way?
Both Pieces are made with my hand dyed Fabrics and beading.
I will be giving a class in fabric dyeing again this June at my studio.

"Serenity" is a hand dyed wall hanging that has been very dear to me.. I thought I would show parts of it by using photos in fund raisers.
This one will go to Karen Musgrave for the Alizheimer's Fund Raiser.
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ECCO Retreat, 7th. Year in Oakhurst.

Our Fearless leader Diane, graces us each year with gathering us up for our ECCO retreat.. We all work on our special projects. This year many of the 25 ladies worked on bags to be sold for our quilt show that will be May 14th. and 15th. at the Oakhurst High School.. More about that later...
Views of the beautiful trees, blue skies. I told myself that I would walk around the peaceful lake..
I will be honest,,, quilted and ate.... hummm, and ate and quilted....... wonderful 4 days!
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ECCO- Oakhurst Retreat

I talked my friends into posing with their quilts at our annual Quilt Retreat at ECCO Conference Center.. Kathy is making a quilt for her hubby who told her the other day that "He did not have a quilt for himself."
Barbara is working with Batiks and enjoying the beauty of all the colors and designs.
Linda found this quilt at a parking lot sale, just a topper, but now it has a back and she is about to quilt it... Lucky lady, it is beautiful!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best of the Valley Quilt Show- April 8-10

"Who Me?" was juried into the Best of the Valley Quilt Show. Charlotte Rogers, a teacher from Visalia area of Central Calif. came to my house to teach our YoYo's her way of looking at Portrait Quilts.. We had so much fun, quilting, laughing, and lunch... I think I wrote about this on another blog, but now it is finished.
The beading and little crystals don't show in the photos.. Nancy Hyde entered her portrait in the show also.. Wonder if there will be more from Charlotte's classes.. . Each one is so very different..Of course, we all have such different personalities and experiences. Guess I was thinking of flowers.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Amazing, a photo- Gratitude

It is magic! I have been frustrated to the MaX.... what is a blog with out a photo? Suddenly, around the 25th of last month. I could not get a photo on my blog,, words yes, but that failed me in my moment of frustration. I took my computer to my guru's of computer, we checked Google, Picasa, their Help, that was not a help, still no photos. A friend said she heard that "they" in the outer limits were having an "issue". Well, so was I... I have photos I want to share... A long list of WHY"s come to mind, like why me or my computer, or was it.

Did I get more things done in the house, the studio, the yard with all the time that I could not blog? No, the stack of papers on my desk, look the same, the projects in the studio are still there.
And the weeds are growing.

Does the computer share that big a part of our life? Do I have such a long list of friends that check this blog? Will they miss me? Wonder where I am? There is always the telephone... But I use that less and less.

Now, that I am this far, will it actually post? Did the electricity going out this morning reset the whole universe? So many questions and no answers,,,

Little issues that seem so big at the time. I am so Grateful for the little things that turn out to be a JOY. Enjoy your day!
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