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Friday, December 16, 2011

P.E.O. Christmas luncheon, 2011

Christmas luncheon at a P.E.O. member, Sandy's home, was a real treat for all of us, especially those that have their decorations in the top of the attic, or barn, and debate taking them down.

Our family comes up during the summer, so the kids can go to Yosemite, or just play in the field... or help us around the yard.. which we appreciate..

So it was wonderful to see a house that is totally decorated.. I have only shown a few of the decorations, I think there were about 7 trees set up with Theme decorations, and every corner has a delightful surprise.  I fell in love with this almost life size Santa..

 Hope you are all ready for the Christmas Holiday Season....  and a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

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  1. I love looking at other people's decorations ... I gave all mine away so I wouldn't be tempted to get them out again. Now I get to see years of ornaments on my step-daughter's tree.


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